Saturday, 16 April 2011

can any body sponsor few words for me?

today the second day of viradham initiation ,  tomorrow chitra pouranami at velliangiri - just over whelming moments in every possible way.
the 88 participants, keeping them intact from morning 6 am to night 9.30 - i wonder what i have anything such for that? But i not even moved an inch for many many hours from the chair, from 5.45 am to 3 pm. just 2 glass of water, keep on talking , still so much energy and fresh now at 11.45 midnight to look back the day and my wonderful moments.
the handful of volunteers , what ever i can say about them it wont express the truth as it is. any word wont be fit enough to say their service.  one side in the hill , free medical camp, distribution of 50000 volini pouches, in the hill distribution of 50000 orange toffiees, organising for tomorrow mysore stall, each one 's physical clearly expresses the length of the day , sleepless night but not a single face with out smile.
on the other hand the 88 participants sit like frozen  for many hours with out any single discomfort. the tears that rolled from my eyes, when i speak about hills, when i say about yatra, i am sure i am so ecstatic to witness such a glorious day in my life.
i am just limiting my time and words so as to go for the program at 4 am. but the day wont become complete unless i write this and express my gratitude for my beloved guru and the wonderful volunteers and committed participants . thank you so much for every one who made this possibility for me

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  1. Pranams swami.. wonderful post. Looking forward to take up the yatra again with his grace.