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Blessed with their presence - days in parmarth

For the past one month I am little busy and bit disappointed too. It started with my birthday on may 1st. the only disappointment is my plan of visit to Kedarnath not happened as I expected. I will write these things latter. Because now I need to share about wonderful people that I met.

Since oct 26th  2013, my first visit to parmarth nikethan rishikesh , the connection still goes on. Even that first visit is given by Kedarnath. The inner push , to present at some point or with some one , so that atleast something can be taken forward from the life that stuck at 16 and 17th june flood.

The same made me to create the “SAVE KEDAR” document (posted in blog too) which I presented to Pujjya swami chidanandha maharaj , the head of parmarth niketan. That acknowledged by his blessings taken me to the event where then chief minister shri vijay baghuguna’s and former BJP CM both attended in the same ashram at rishikesh in jan 2014.

Last week suddenly I got a msg from nandhini of project hope office that swamiji wants to meet me. Also she mentioned about a katha program that is organized by parmarth which will happen from 15th to 22nd june 2014. Here at every place few people organized this bhagavath katha program for the first anniversary of last year flood victims.

This time as soon as I landed in rishikesh , one sanyasi , who is from kerala , now on yatra met me in the road just in few minutes. Its wonderful time I spent with him , by sharing few things about grace of guru for some time. By the time I reach parmarth its almost night 8 pm. The ganga arathi was going on. So I did not disturbed nandhini.

I neither visited reception because of I don’t know the answer for the questions such as how long I need to stay, what purpose of meeting etc etc. when I kept luggage’s in reception the one who was there told me directly go to swamiji’s dharshan .

For me , a small reluctant because of continous travel for 10 hrs. but still I obeyed him. It is exactly coincindence that swamiji also came back from arathi by the time I reach the gate. After the blessing and customery words he asked me to come in.

Swamiji is very fast in communication. for the whole day lot of people waiting for his dharshan , even if it is just for 2 min. for many many it is such unique and one time life experience to meet somebody like this , because of coming from rural and far away india.

that too when people like sadhguru is so simple and able to acccesable by common man , they feel blessed beyond life and death. i remember how sadhguru gives importance of that moment , in volunteers meets, especially in samyama. 

here in a place like rishikesh , where daily tourist comes in huge numbers for all 365 days , especially people like swamiji , can touch the people and their life just by sitting in one place. i too have experienced few of such wonderful people. here in parmarth nikethan , evening ganga arathi is very very famous. it attract lot of crowd and almost all celebrities and prominent people.

swami utilising this opportunity to spread awareness about cleaning the ganga and planting trees. daily atleast handfull of dignitries getting some plant in presence of public by committing to nurture it to grow. it is very overwhelming experience for many. And simple people from rural india , especially when they undertake a sankalpa like this for tree plantation or not to pollute ganga , during their life time theerth yatra , it will be followed beyond generations of that family. for sure it has impact in people's life. thats the best part of the tools of devotion.

so all these demands made him to handle minimum a dozen of people all the time. if he can give just 1 min per person even that is not enough to fulfill the daily demand. in between he has to manage celebrities, requests, projects, various proposals etc etc. And above all the people who comes always talks about general ways. nothing in particular with solutions. if u ask them ok fine what u can do for this , many of them will become silent. 

every one wants something has to do for nation and society only by others. many not willing to come forward with committment , or to take up something. so he can't give more than 2 minute to a person unless otherwise the person is sharp, talking result oriented, willing to take some responsibility and work to make it happen.

but still For a person who worked with sadhguru....... , before i go into this let me tell you one thing , it is not right to compare anyone with anyone. every one is unique in their own way. every one is reached their height and people in their own way.

i am seeing them as they are. here i want to compare myself to the demands of working with two different personalities in the same platform. in small level it happened for me and for every one in isha too, when they work with different swami's and maa's. though each one works for same purpose and in same system , the way of working and way of approach will be different from each other.

so in this context it is quite opposite situation for me in terms of demand. it will be is really challenge. needs lot of patience and aware for not to judge or compare any of the thing. Not just for me but anyone it is same. Because it is two total contra ways of working. 

When I was sitting in sathsang , somehow his way of work reminded the character of the movie , nanbargal (tamil version of 3 idiots) sathyaraj, teaching two different subjects by two hands at the same time. the multi task handling character it will emphasise. to seek complete attention of such one is wonderful experience.

Because he handles the works in such fast , that in such a way not even single moment getting waste. Also I able to observe and learn many things . it was great experience to be work with such people. The other person who amazed me is DR Rachna.

I met her in jan 2014 for the first time. She also learned the shambavi maha mudra. Her two childrens also filled with joy and lived in the moment. She is Delhi university professor and her husband is an IAS cadre.
me with her son Aarsh , Dr  Rachna (blue saree) and her daughter shreyanshi is back to us - in ganga arathi at parmarth niketan
Swamiji just told,  I need to talk about kedar, we will meet tomorrow morning . 

But the communication gap is existed everywhere. it is because the volunteers not able to run with time and his fast due to many things has to be done in same time. they also have to prepare things for such meetings , requirements of guests , etc etc apart from their department works. Almost after starting the meeting with few people , nandhini has sent the msg for me , in searching and calling for the meeting.

On the other hand I expected this kind and always on the toe since the morning. Last time itself I observed how each one of them working. The swamiji’s speed is uncomparable but for others I noticed as by running in that speed many things they missing. They could not able to catch the moment.

By the time I reached swamiji’s kutir , almost a dozen people going thru the process which includes prominent people like shri. Unniyal ji from uttarakhand planning commission and Dr rachna , the only known face to me.

After the meeting , shri unniyal ji has presented a PPT , a solution to uttarakhand problem of roads and land slides. His wonderful presentation discussed lot about creating tunnel based transport , which reduces the distance between all the prominent places significantly.

It is quite interesting subject and if it is presented properly and taken by people in administration , beyond the politics , definitely such innovative ideas will give better solutions for common people and pilgrims. There are few things have to be worked out in that aspect. By the time it got end it become 2 pm.

So my meeting was postponed to night after arathi. Based on my experience with pujjya swamiji and observation of his way of doing things I worked out myself about new kedarpuri , thru a power point presentation. Though he has not said anything like that , I thought I must do this homework , only then I can encounter the moment incase if anything he asks.

If it is for sadhguru , I could have submit it thru the channel and I will get the response depending upon what is presented. Mostly I get blessings note and necessary instructions will go to relevant department or people , who has to handle those aspect and we can relay on the result unless and otherwise if practical issues pops up .

Generally all the second level application we may not require to go to him. Because it is system based approach. Only for policy or for something innovative mechanism and cost factor we need to reach higher hierarchy. But here this system is function based on person based. may be i went for the project related , i think the department functions like that.

Every single thing going thru and depending on just one person , who is pujjya swamiji himself. There is no second line people so that we can work out all the thing or we can do follow up the progress of the project. swamini adityanandha takes care of documentation aspects. but both she and nandhini are very busy in such level , that they could not able to remember what they got , where they storing. i don't know whether their working style is like that or system is like that. one thing is very clear to me , for swamiji's speed and demand of expectations from the public , the supply is not sufficient.

And daily when u initiate so many things , if ur second line people not walked with same speed , everything will folded back there itself. For the push you have approach the top again.

By observing all this , I don’t want to take any second chance to take up the matters . I must thank and gratitude my isha people and isha life to give me such diversify and depth experience in handling of things.  Because in isha , every one has their unique style of working so you have to adapt to each individual style of approach in short time , else you will end up in complaints. At the same time the system plays its role for back up and follow up , whenever individual limitations pops up.

In the night after arathi, suddenly swamiji turned up ,and told, “ yes now , tell “ . I wondered what to tell about new kedarpuri , that too straight away I am from arathi. Suddenly I landed in moment and told , nothing to tell swami , I prepared a PPT which I will present.

Immediately swamiji’s response was , I have seen the pictures last time itself, what is there to see again?

No swamiji , this is different , this is about points related to creating new kedarpuri .

Do you have any solution for that? Swamiji asked

Yes , I made it as power point presentation. I can bring now .

Ok , I will come to presentation room.

I ran back to my stay room , to bring the details.

Myself , nandhini, swamini adithyanandha and few others on toes in setting up the ppt .

Both nandhini and swamini does not know how to connect the laptop with screen. The person who did in the morning also tried but he could not succeed and left it as it is ,went out. i think he is also trainee in this aspect. the whole team of people not ready for all kinds of demands that swamiji may require at anytime , especially in dharshan time. so for every thing people need to run away to search for something or somebody.

We are failure in our effort of setting up monitor. none of them not know how to set up things to make for the presentation. Swamiji opened the door and as usual he did not waste single minute , oh its not ready ok I see u tomorrow.

I just recalled myself how if it would been isha. its well organised. volunteers will keep all options and needs and requirements . it just need very less time to set up things as soon as msg received. even otherwise if sometimes something not able to fix it Sadhguru would have been wait unless otherwise if we could not fix it and say we could not due to ..... this this reason. generally it wont happen at all.

Similarly every one tried to help each other and do something because we doing it for him only , we are living for him only incase if such emergency arrives at any moment.

I could not be stopped to recollect my memories.

But here I am just an invitee above all I too never did such thing in my life.
We shared some wonderful thoughts and ended the day.

The next day I am more alert that I don’t want to take single chance again so I am on back of them to ensure those things well in advance. Ofcourse with the help of some volunteer we set and ready for him to visit.

Swamini adityanandha has passed msg to swamiji , but left thinking that it is not for her to carry out her activity.

So when swamiji came , he want her presence too to take the notes so that next step is possible. So again he left by giving another 5 minutes.

I become too alert , if I struggle even for one second to present , if it is not impressive , the whole work will loose the possibility of reaching higher administration such as CM and PM .

it is more than my life now. Because as a individual , without any banner or organization I cant take it such heights as of now. But if swamiji is convinced he can take it up to such high desks , which has the possibility to restore the sacred place in best possible way.

I have no prayer or chanting within me. But within me it is like how I present to my beloved guru. Only difference is earlier I take my own time but now time is not in my hands , I have to win the time too.

Generally I am little bit tense especially if I present something to such high level people , other than sadhguru. The only thing is my exposure and little knowledge keep reminding myself.

So I kept my homework going within me as from where I should start how to go.

Atlast the moment came. Dr rachna also was there. Her presence gave lot of boost and coolness to me. It gave me a feeling that I am presenting to her only . i thought she can convince swamiji or she can give pause time to me by asking few questions.

She is very wonderful person filled with lot of exposure and devotion. She was sharing about many things about isha, sadhguru , swami ullasa etc. just before the presentation she spoke about starting of her shambavi practices.
Along with swamiji there is another crew also came . swamiji invited them also.

I kept the screen , set ready go kind. So just started from there.

Started first point of building 3 tier protection wall in the rivers and need of it . swamiji got interest he also joined with me to share his ideas to enrich the vision.

For the next less than 15 mins his focus not shifted anywhere. Very keenly observed and blessed with his inputs.

Now the plan is almost ready , I improved with line sketches of how it should be . by tomorrow it is ready to add in PPT .

Swamiji committed he will take it to governments.

I know it may not happen as it is I told. But for sure the points and facts will be taken into consideration and improved.

Though he wants to have some more discussion (don’t know abt what) I am just waiting for his time and blessing.

In the mean time yesterday , on ganga arathi , first time in my life I got opportunity to pay my prayers and arathi to her. Fortunately the day was blessed by few mahamandaleshwar’s and ganga dasara day (birth day of ganga)

Later in the night , Rachna’s children filled the wonderful moments with their presence and grace. It was wonderful experience to talk with her son. He started writing his thoughts and emotions on ganga.

By the end , rachna herself came with shining light got from shambavi. She took me and introduce many wonderful people who volunteer there.

Ramesh , the person who works in swamiji’s reception , a beautiful encounter keep happening with him everytime , silently and with smile.

Karmaveer touched my heart beyond the language barrier.

Nandhini and swamini adityanandha are unique and wonderful in their own ways.

The day’s of parmarth will continue …..

Because its his blessing and grace.

i am just very ordinary person , have my own limitations and mistakes , yet my days are not far away , the grace of guru leads me and filled with his blessings

The presence of such wonderful people and powerful absence of him is telling only this to me.

at last , today i got his free time for some moments. he is not as i seen in previous days. told few inputs. blessed me by handing over the responsibility to make it happen. he said he will be with me and support every need. so together we can make it happen.

so at last road map to kedarnath , starts unfolds

you too bless me , so we create such sacred thing in our life and world

Will pen it more . till then…….

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