Tuesday, 28 November 2017

To my dear Shiva and his bhoothagana's

Dear Shiva and His Bhoothagana's

Do you know why I calling you as bhoothagana's. Their crazy devotion to Shiva has enriched the world with beautiful structures standing beyond the tide of time . All the magnificent temple structures in India were a small work of such devotees.

For a small project , which become foundation for many things , which I taken responsibility , I need Rs. 15000 per month just as rent to the place. ( once place got established for a period of 5 years , a small tuition center planned to open for these rural children )

I have been decided to create a capital of Rs.25 lakhs, which will be kept as deposit in bank and from the interest the project can be run for a period of five years .

After that the same capital will become investment for the second stage of the project.

The capital can be easily raised through the crowd funding by the participation of just 2500 people , each donating minimum of just Rs.1000.

And if it's more simplify , if just 250 people work to reach out another 10 people , by asking to contribute just min rs.1000 per each the target can be achieved .

The capital not only ensures rent for the place , also will establish my sadhana , health etc more.

Will you do it for me ?

For each donor , pls provide their complete address with phone and pin code , to send a compliment ( my book & kedarnath pooja Prasad )

you can contribute as much as you can . If you make me to reach the goal before 31st Dec , 2018 is very new start for all my efforts and will be a fitting tribute for the 5th year ( season ) of Himalayan Tsunami

Those who wish can contact or work or donate please

Pranams with gratitude in advance
Swami sushantha
28th Nov 2017

Not just end with your like , register yourself as one of the donor :) also help me to get 10 more donors . In a matter of 5 years we together can offer light to many rural students

Note :- as the project undertaken as individual effort , neither kedarnath sewa samithi nor kedar adiyar sanga can't give receipts. I have undertaken this project in my responsibility so as to give the time for the administration committee to come with established system also just to initiate some process in supporting the education of these rural children also to establish my sadhana and sewa .

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