Monday, 7 December 2015

Raising from flood waters ... Rescue.... Relief...Rehabilitation

Rescue and Relief in chennai flood --sound of the silent voice

 Dear all
it is not the time you to waste your time and resources in reacting to whatever you hear in the media , as saying or said by some one.

But i forced to write few things by demand of life and situation just because of few. especially when i experience people , whom i did not even see so far, whichever the picture that they show to me i have not a single doubt. In my fb , 85 to 90 % people i have not know.

especially the posts that i keep following just for their perception, presentation skills, insight of matter. But these days due to blurness i could not read many fonts , even now i made one such mistake. But when some one says my own picture is not me, what can i say about it?

first i am not doing any great service. there are many wonderful people more silently doing it . i know. i don't have any place to reside, no laptop, not even money for my phone. in the last one week , just the top up amount will take more time to resettle him. i don't even know how much pending sofar , he never asked me or send msg to me. some how life running with the love and trust of such wonderful people. even whatever possible things i did is supported by many many wonderful people, whom i not even seen so far.

since flood waters enters i just attending mostly rescue and medical emergency informations. That too not all possible for me. because for every task i take need to coordinate with various people. I am not in the area. neither i dont have anybody to call and ask to do it.

Accidentatly i was given asylum to my friends home. I came just for some other work. but life situation made me to sit. without their support i can't. I dont have lap top, nor a place ,even the food i take it as when some one offers.

so i attended just rescue and did little coordination in relief (still going on) utilised the opportunity to train many , which made them to do the best reach out in the given limitations.

But few of them not enough mature, there also agitating , fighting. if some one sticks some label whats our problem? I agree it should not be happen. But my focus is my materials has to reach my people who are in waters. If i have been in that situation, i have utilised them too , welcommed them to stick label and make it fast in reach out the needy. Because a cooked food can't be eaten after certain hours. Already i am travelling for hours.

And for everything complaining , fighting with officers. neither we don't have resources to feed everyone. we can give just 10000 food pockets , blankets, etc etc but the demand in any given area is not even in thousands it is crores , even if the government orders to release whole stock it take some time to reach. in the mean time so many law and order issues, thefts, lootings, pressure from opposition parties, press etc etc.

so it is not normal situation for anyone to understand. For every man 2 hands and 24 hours not enough. But still they doing their best. is it not the time to observe , learn, support, stand with humanity.

There are millions of patients, childrens suffering without food. when emergency reports we rush to hospital? even the best hospital not able to serve to its best due to their carelessness .

yes i would say its just pure carelessness. it is the captain should sink at the last when the ship drowns in the sea. Because it is he only knows all mechanisms of ship. no other person.

It is not about that hospital and this situation. It conveys us what type of doctors and nurses we have produced in the society. Its time we have to look into education system. Its time we must introspect the flood warning system. But beyond all this at present rescue is more important.

After that situation may arise or not but still it is not the time to talk about those. For the past 2 years, since kedarnath flood  i am screeming like ... but ... never disappointed. know it takes time. it may not be possible within my life time. its ok. let me plant something in this regard.

Though all this things and much more i observing , whats use of this observation, if it not find expression, again i fall in my physical and social limitations. even the face book that i claims, whatever i post has not even reach few thousands. But if one banyan seed grows it can give shelter for 1000 people.

so just go thru what you can do in this moment and do at your best, now i put simply (try to put as much as , from my understanding. i am not a trained person, there may be mistakes in it , but it can give you an opportunity that you can learn more things and educate me too )

first understand that it is operation of  3R's --Rescue, Relief , Rehabilitation - that's what Disaster Management means

yes there are million things need to worked out in a society. But nothing can be done unless everyone can form in line or discipline, execute your everyday action in awareness and consciousness , not reacting in emotional

But we too humans, only , we have limitations. just because we do is everything has to fall in line in no minute? , can we order flood waters not to enter?
here in india , still lot and lot have to go . it has local poitical factors, mind of mass, community set up, like this so many factors are there. no one in the world can't take control over it , no matter who it is?

few days ago , i have shared Erode Kathir write up about kamal's interview because i always believer of human . I am the following him in facebook for last few years. i have seen his care, concern, insight of the matter, of course authenticity. 

But it is the time of Rescue no other issue is important. Only Life is important. There are mixed reports of what he said is keep coming. no one know what he said, how this media twisting, why it is twisting. Because in the name of editing, the power of Editor one can do cutting , twisting whichever way he/she wants inorder to boost the viewership and sales. They will claim its rights of media or media people.

when every one claims his/her rights they conveniently forget their responsbility and other person too has the same. One should act out of his responsibility not from his rights.

your individual rights can't even extend to your wife or husband. But we most of the time does our action only from here. when reactions come from all circles immediately we scream.

But i also shared same kathir's article , about same subject , after realising the suspicion over information received ,doubting his own authenticity . in a way its politely apologising. Because he aware his penned words were read by many many. somewhere he felt he should have waited some more time, so he conveyed sorry in scuttle way. Thats his gentleness. only because of that scuttleness and gentleness his could convert his care and concern in to action.

The same thing kamal did in different way. He should have been stopped just for an appeal to reach out people. He is not an ordinary man like me who have not seen life still. That too it is time for people like him woo lot of chains to bring people to rescue and relief. Its the responsibility he has. Not only responsbility 
but also skill, perception, capability, network, all is available.

it is the time if all actors joined together ,even as two groups just as they did for their local body election, still much wonderful things could have happen. But none of them joined hands. it is not just those people, hotel owners associations, merchant assoiciations etc ctc.

It is not they have not done anything. It is they did below to their potential. Because they know the demand. Every one of them acted from their identity, so they failed. But people like us, we know limitation, just joined hands , though initially we struggled slowly the situation made us to take roles and responsibilities. no one knows who did it. every one know we are just one finger of a massive body. so this body stood up like giant in the flood.

it is what they should have attempted. But just they did as individuals or organisation it has taken by waves. it is the time to loose our identity and raise our humanity. it is not the time to establish our identity more.

kamal is not the only person who lives in chennai or tamilnadu or india. kamal and kathir are not two different entities but its one entity only in two different platforms.

As kathir trusted kamal's i trusting kathir. some one may be fan of kathir or kamal.

once you identify yourself with some thing you cant see the other side of the coin. just because you not able to see it, it does not mean that it is not there. it is your perception is limited. But i enjoy your perception and view of that side from that angle , that's all .

I am just sharing that perception and angle that's all. It does not mean i have such view or accept whatever he/she conveyed. But if people come and react in inbox that means this is what intolerance. This intolerence only made waves few days ago. But there also every one misunderstood , grouped either this side or that side or third side ,

I am not at all concern about the coin or you. when i am not even concern about mylife how can i ... But still i have responsibilty to act individually , socially. Because some one who follows me may intend to do same kind , due to believe of that i am 100% right, and may cause injury and harm to him/her and life around them. it is not me 100% reached. it is their devotion on me reached 100%.

Even if i myself explains him/her they could not see it beyond. To see something you need clarity not devotion. to experience something you need devotion. experiencing and seeing is two differnt things. there is lot of difference between hearing and listening.

But when you yourself entangles or identifies with something you cant see it , but your experience is goes deeply. their pain , suffering hurts you. now you also get collapsed, cant do what you came fore or wish to do. you could not able to see that man's collapse, you see only his surface, the pain or loss. i am concern about his loss. i cant repay him anything. but now i have to rebuild the man who collapsed , once he/she stand up they themself can rebuild it .

have you not seen the video of one lady speaking in english. her all assets gone, she does not have a place to hide in chillness. but she has not lost her smile, english too, not worried about future,  just lives in the moment but has deep pain of loss and has highest gratitude for life. 

whether she aware of this or not is not important whether she knows the technique to transmit or not is not important but she effortlessly doing it that too so gracefully thats why she said you all my children. there are million people living in the world like this. without those people's blessing people like me can't even move single inch.

let me come to the our subject. but in this episode of kamal everyone reacting so fast either for or againist. one can react for too. I too have not waited much time. It is this moment, when everyone is in the edge of emotional, one should exercise his actions from his consciousness and awareness. you should reach out from your heart beats but you should work from your consciousness.

especially when the whole community is in the edge of grief, fear of death, one has to give hope and trust, not to add more panic. Because than the flood waters this panic will kill them so fast.

That's why during the relief period lot more death happens. Not in the rescue period. In the rescue moment one has little hope, may be its not enough to claim up in the tree, but it gives energy to hang. that's why he/she hangs till rescue people comes. it may be moments or hours or days. it does not matter about the time.  the consciousness tells him that wait life will bring some one. but as time goes and goes he looses hope. now he doubts his own hope. as soon as doubts come fear comes. as soon as fear comes in not doing mistake he/she starts doing mistake. all this things not even the time of writing one word.

Thats why in disaster managment they given first and formost priority to Rescue. They have been professionally trained. one should act with obsolute focus, as machines at its maximum potential, that's all. rest all next.

you would have noticed people complaining the NDRF or SDRF or Army or Fire personnels that they are not reaching them to give food and materials supply. It is not their duty or protocol. They can get involve in those depending upon how the rescue operations need, which scale and depth.

when government realizes threat to human life, the situation has the possibility of disaster ....or once realize it's going beyond your control, can turn into  disaster, that moment itself the administration starts to gear it up, alerted all , it won't wait for CM or PM , CM and PM will be updated and alerted in same priority , they have protocols and systems for that.

Because they know it is not in their hands now, no one knows how much time life gives to you, no one can predict, because in a closed observation of water levels its just few moments, they may thing at this flow rate it may take 1 hour to reach danger level and prepare the coordinating activities, but when sudden rise of inflow , when life not given them opportunity to act, they immediately alert the system that situation is out of control.

But they too humans. they might have errors and mistakes too. some times you can't even have time to save your life and alert others. That's why warning system has been placed. But we are living in our own cocoons of idea or boundary. We are not living tuned with nature. we are living in our own mind and ideas /concepts.  In nature our laws wont work. it has its own law. no one can command or order for it.

so when government realizes threat to human life, the situation has the possibility of disaster seeks the help of trained personnels to save lifes of humans. they can't even save animals. Government is not just for humans. :) but life will take of everything, it is just we do our best from our ability and within limitations. so they try to save every life that comes in their way, whether it is human or animal. But one can't transport a buffallo in a boat , its need different support. That too for such a huge animal , especially in the life threat moment , it is not easy to control or manage.

so the government only focus on rescue. the whole administration runs on the priority of rescue. even in this they will act as teams. because one can't involve others now in this team. no one can get trained suddenly. in a society it is not possible to train every one also.

but one can give basic education to all which can solve little bit. that's what the countries like japan, korea,indonasia does. everyone knows what to be done. No need of any instructions. it has to be happen when your life not in threaten.

for that people should listen the government. the government should act unbiaslly to all his citizens. the political people should fought in parliament house but work together in field.

But here in our country , you know very well. They bitterly fight in field but together take contract in house. That too in tamilnadu no one need to say. it is not just today. thats how we lived so far for the past 4 decades. even still .

its a divided community. the politicians keep them in same way to fetch the fish out of water. which ever way you divide people , whether it is language based, caste based, religion based, community based , etc it is division thats all. its not a community with difference. both has lot of differnce .

let me come back again, ha ha :)

now as soon as news spreads the second phase won't wait for anyone. people they themself initiated the relief works which will catch fire and spreads. the government is still assessing the situation and monitoring the rescue. it wont take one more step, till rescue complete, till they evacuated the people from danger of life. in this point of time every one should stand with government.

But we don't have any systems here in this. i could see the tv anchors going in charted boats or helicopters for their TRP ratings. Do you know how crime it is? you are reducing the resources of Government machinery. But if a collector or authority stops you people from studio will scream all over the country that simple folks believe that you are acting out of responsibility.

They believe that you are talking for their life. because your sweet words soothening them, your presentations and statistics amazing them. you people admired by them. But you people , worse than .... using their devotion and belief for your TRP ratings. for you, your viewership is more important than anything. you will not realise how you are distraction to the rescue or relief works?

you will say , no no if we not report how the government does , how people get aware ? its citizens right that government has to serve

or you will say , we just using one boat or one helicopter , that too for one hour or two hour just to make a coverage, (but no viewer knows that you keep edited stuff of same thing , mixed with past clippings , retelecast whole day ) you can't rescue all lakhs of people in that one hour. Because you are realizing the value of one's life. right now your life is not threaten.

there are so many things like this. Even what i present from what i see in the surface may not be true. I don't know whether i am presenting rightly or wrongly. But i share the pain and suffering , the scream of survival.

So Rescue and Relief  is going on one side. But on the other side we sitting here in home , eat variety menu, Debate who to be blamed , Discuss the solutions that has no possibility to implement as of now.

Recently In Paris, just after one attack, overnight they changed many things in their law. Given more power to Government. which may also can cause damage in future. But none of the political party , even the oppostion parties, tv channels screem like you people.

So Realise the importance of life. Reach out the next house people.

Because today or tomorrow the same kind of situation one or other way can follow us.
It is the moment of chance to raise our humanity , not funds. 

if you can join with any team and do whatever you can please do.  for person like me , unless some one give schelter and food , share their resources i cant do anything. i am thankful to those couples. unless this support not extended i cant reach out even this much. I have troublelled them lot. Their family or financial situations are not yet sound still it is just their extend of humanity and heart. Let the lord bless them . just conveying my sorry to them. i know they also will read.

Or if you interst to do something please msg me to my inbox , i also need some one like you. past 5 hours i could not focus any other thing except this. i know my limitations. i asked time to present the proposal to a fund donor  who come forward by lord Myilvahanan's work. 

They are ready to give me quite a large amount . there are a team of people ready to do in field. there are are people who scream for food and basic needs. But i have to move my camp. i don't even have a permanent place or laptop or any person to draft what i say? 

i am just very ordinary person. above all my blur vision and physical limitations . But need to write huge post , just because ...... i have neither seen kamal interview or amirkhan's interview. But i trust  the people. i love their expressions no matter how it is . i respect their devotion. i look up for their insight and technical skills. but i know i have only 2 hands and this moment.

so my choice of priority lies within this. now even if i die i have no issue. because this fire can light up the world. 

if you have time or resource , ready to work as a team, ready to offer selfless service pls msg , lets us reach out few people atleast.

swami sushantha    

Extremely thank you for sparing your time.