Monday, 2 January 2012

yogarathova bogarathova -from bhaja govindam

yogarathova bogarathova
        sangarathova  sangavihinaha:
yasya brahmani ramathae chittam
         nandhathi nandhathi nandhatheva  

(from bhaja govindham verse)

whether  you  go in the path of yoga , or whether you pursue through the path of  boga(pleasure seeking) or whether you pursue through  other means , or it does not matter if you not pursue by any means, but when your mind jumps into smarana* (without interruption) in divine (or highest or at the feet of master) , he/she  enjoys ecstasy  in all the moments

*smarana - though initially its a thought by practice and pursue it can be made as all the time live experience  or focused with out interruption

additional information :-
in traditional yagna's it has a process of poornahuthi at the end of yagna - in which they pour the ghee in homagund (fire) from a height of 5 ft - in which process there won't be a single drop of gap between ghee and the fire - or it is a symbolism that only when some body or some one get such one pointed focus in all the moment with the fire ( the master) burns all his karmic and make him as whole by himself by the grace of master - like ghee in uninterpted touch with fire - v must have unaltered focus on masters feet (this may call as smarana)

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