Tuesday, 26 November 2013

An appeal for Delhi state citizens - why your vote is valuable?

I am not interest to talk about politics but still I am concern about it. Because this only decides the life of many people. And whatever the decisions of whichever politician or party irrespective of whoever be in the chair will have the impact on society and its people. When this is so how a person who wants “sarvo jano sukino bavandhu” can’t live without that concern.

An aspect which considered as seva or service for mankind is now become profit making  business. I don’t think a man ,irrespective of who is , first spend his prime period of life behind his role model and then spend in crores just to get a seat in his party and contest in election, not knowingly either win or loose , even if win not know whether he /she will complete the full term or not , is a fool-- to expect that he will not demand money for every breath that he does at public.

The wealth greedy people are well used the power greedy people. And the power greedy people are intelligently used the people’s emotion and sentiments on their religion, caste. Today it come to a point that by throwing the roti on plate or by supplying briyani or alchocol , they making the poor and innocence to sign on blank paper in the name of vote.

Earlier it starts as party of variety of meals for the people who express their devotion and now it degraded to purchase of vote . On the contra the opponents  used the sentiments of their caste and religion. So none really speak for people. Today one who speaks for the basic need of people is considered as who is talking for development.

But the truth he /she not even speaks for basic needs of poor or common man, he/she speaks only for millionaire to become billionaire . The great leaders of Babu jagjeevan ram , lal bagdhur sastri , kamaraj who has been role model for everyone , where are they today?

It is you people destroyed them within yourself. The poison of sweet speaking politicians merged in ur blood like alcohol contaminated the mind and you. Can anybody think consciously for his wellbeing when he /she is in drunk. Never it is possible .

Have you not see the advertisements that speaks the dangerous of alcohol (drinks). Election is the time that you have to decide , about your future and well being. In this time if you not vote or if you cast your vote for money or alcohol or dinner that you getting then you not making the bribing person to win, but you signing yourself on empty bond which can use against yourself.

Then there is no point you keep complain that no development happen , without bribe no work happening, wherever I go everybody is corrupted . You have no right to complain about anybody because its you only sold your life by voting to these so called corrupted parties and politicians.

I am not saying Aam Aadmi party will be exception . They have yet to go in long way. But i hope and trust atleast they will not curb the budding hope of comman man in this country and become one more curse to this great nation. 

so It is time we must speak in echo in one voice, that political system , election system and administrative system should change in such a way it has to bring only right people who care for their society and people has to contest.

It is like keep removing the weeds if you want good output of crops. It is always ongoing process in every election. But if u not come to vote then it is more bright chance for the wrong people to get win and keep denying your basic rights.

So you decide. My dear fellow citizens the time has come to change the direction of growth for clean politics and good and transparent governance .

I know your question, what Aravind kejriwal can do for delhi , when congress chief minister itself don’t have power and support to deal many issues due to the control is in central government.

But right now only for delhi assembly , the kejriwal team is contesting. He only atleast speaking  clean politics and bringing jan lokpal. What happened to Anti corruption movement that rocked delhi and whole country?  I feel atleast he took some responsibility to bring it in action. How many people speaking about the movement today?

Do all you know what happened to the movement after the rape viticm “Nirbaya” case. The central and state government is announced strong and fresh laws. But did they broght till now? The answer is No

Have you not seen the difference of interest shown by political parties to bring Jan lokpal bill / women’s bill and food bill / FDI in retail bill / amendment on disqualification of MP/MLA’s in parliament?

Have you not seen how all political parties are so united in parliament to bring amendment against disqualification of MP/MLA’s on conviction?

Your vote to Aam adhmi is louder message to nation and first stepping stone to change the direction of course to end the corruption and criminals in the politics.

That’s why I am asking you, Dec 4th should become the turning point in the history of our election and our country.

Ensure your vote and your relatives and friends vote against corrupted politics. 

This will definitely change the equation for the parliament elections.

With pranams
Swami sushantha

Dear Delhi friends
why you should vote for Aam Aadmi party ?
1.    To show that the citizen of india is against other national and regional parties which is supporting corruption and  not supporting JanLokpal

2.   To show the nation is fed up with congress and BJP regimes , which not even address the basic facilities for its citizens

3.   To express that you are opposing to make the education and medical facilities as business instead of free service to citizens

4.   To express that you are unhappy about the political parties which are united to bring amendment against supreme court judgement on disqualification of MP/MLA but not willing to support Jan Lokpal or strong laws against injustice for women or fast justice system or the scams
What your one vote can do for you and nation?
Aware the whole nation is keenly watching the output of delhi elections only because of Aam Aadmi contesting

What you are going to say for corruption and vote bank politics based on religion and caste?

Your vote for AAP will ring alarm bell to all national and regional political parties across india.

Your one vote is the first step to clean the politics, end the corruption , bring the JanLokpal in parliament.

The time has come . Awake and Aware the value of your one vote

lead the change and Bring the change

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