Sunday, 24 November 2013

Dreams - a big puzzle of life till one can understand and explore himself

i understand dreams is also like thought process of mind connecting with the images that perceived in our life. i know sometimes dreams communicating something whether we understand or not. i know sometimes dreams are manifestation of deepest part of mind. i also know and had experience of same dream is repetitive at regular or irregular interval. i also had experience of continuing dreams from where it has been left, after waking up for nature call and fall back in bed. few days ago i had some strange experience of watching a movie - a full movie - one is english and one is malayalam - this is the first time i am seeing that movie - and i yet dont know whether it has been screened or whether it is going to produced in future -only if i come across anywhere in future may be i can relate or not - but sterday had a experience of same dream at regular interval (i did not wake up inbetween) appeared three times - during the third time in the half way i realised it is same dream again appearing third time on same day and got up . i also had experiences of continuation of dreams sometimes in day time or early morning after got in work in the backdrop of eyes. but above all still i see this is just thought process of mind. but the puzzle of dreams i could not yet figure it out .

i still remember many many dreams from my childhood. many dreams i also know when and how realized in daily life. but one thing i must acknowledge dreams make the night and sleep beautiful though i dont have any knowledge about it

But dont try to interpret it unless it itself unfolds for you because for ur mis-interpretation then u will blame the dreams - then it never knock your nights  :)

does any where in the world , is anybody needs volunteer for research . :)

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