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in the lap of Himalayas--- visit to village Niyalsu (near rampur)

Generally for the world outside uttarakhand or india , Himalayas means it is just Badrinath, kedarnath, Gangothri , yamunothri and at the most haridwar and rishikesh. Except the people who love trekking or adventuring the rest will take tour to this part only on religious aspect.

Apart from these the interior valleys are explored only by nature lovers. But we could not able to relate these terrains and natures unless if there is not something which can pull our attention.

Though I had receiving invitations for various part of uttarakhand , very rarely I accept their invitation to be in that part. One main reason is there is no end for travel. The life keep travel beyond the death.

Another thing is, especially if we love either nature or trek or temples and cultures or any one of these aspect , I am sure one life time is not enough for any capable person to fulfill his desire.

Last year I got an opportunity to go to kalimath (one of the powerful shakthipeeth ) and ruch mahadev . even I wrote about it in blog. Just few days ago I decided to travel to a small village , Niyasu , near to Rampur which is 6 km before gaurikund.
lakshman with his parents and aunt

The main reason is Lakshman.  The young aspirant who runs English coaching class at guptakashi for the childrens. I have to say here that there is a group of youngsters who are in touch me with me , because of my English.  Though he also have to get more fluncency in speaking but still he is better than others.

The main reason is life is not demanding the language as it demands hindi for me. They mainly feels the lackness and loss when they could not able to converse with south Indian’s or bengali’s or foreigners.

Niyasu is his home village. Which is situated just 100 mts above Rampur, which is the market area for surrounding places. Rampur is unforgettable place in mylife , because it is the place we all stayed when we come in first dhayan yatra in 1996. I had a previlage to come in that first trip with viji akka and sadhguru.

Every time I cross this village, my memories and eyes are glitter with image of sadhguru standing on the balcony to address before we leave to kedarnath. I think  till sadhguru travel in dhyan yatra trips , Rampur is the night halt place while going to kedarnath.
beauty of flowers

This Saturday he decided to take me to his home. I could not refuse his invitation. So we both left guptakashi around 11 am. By the time we reach Rampur it was around 2 pm.

We had a tea and then started to claim among the agri fields . the houses on the slope of mountains really a beautiful look to enjoy. The typical village , not left with even a small space where they can construct building either for their living or for their cattles.

A group of young girls are standing and washing the clothes on the small stream that flows from top of the mountain greeted us with pranams indicated that we arrived the entry point of village.

On the other side the Young kids are busy with their world of games. The narrow path between the fields led us between small way , which reminded the streets of kashi.
the ladies on their work 

The smell of cattles and fodders indicated me that I am in typical village. Few of young womens received us down from hill with huge load of cattle feed (grass and leaves) that they collected from mountains.

On the left side a vinyl banner with sadhvi rithambara photo reminded their relief works for the people. An old school with house space varandha and a tree shelter was functioning little upper plateus. I become their attention seeker for some time.

It is like the village people and kids will watch the city man aravindswamy who enters their village in the manirathinam’s movie Roja. Though lot of difference in river tamirabharani terrain and Himalayan still people are same in their own way.

One could experience the innocence and unexposed people only when they travel to Indian villages. They never bouther about who rules the country or what the present rupee value or how the crime status in a city. All they know is very simple life and longing for better future.
the school childrens going back to home

Somehow by acknowledging all the children whoever I met with few words or pranams I reached his house. Just on the way , near the entrance , the magisha’s looked at me with some sense of strangeness. May be my orange colour disturbing them. Lakshman’s mother came and settled them .

Wow, very simple house with a open varandha and on the sides you have orange trees. I saw this orange tree almost near to every house with full of fruits. His brother Bharath was just recently joined in army.

Till recent they had horses also, which will go for kedarnath in season. One come thing in every village you can find many service personnels , mainly in army.

Immediately I reached few of his aunts came with heartful of smile . though we had issue of language , langue of love is able to understand by all.  Every one of them was very happy to see that their village boy speaking in English with a a swamiji. Above all they could distinct the difference between me and whom they exposed.

The great people , they kept themselves in such a way , dirty clothes , starr looks so that none will disturb them. For these villages it is very strange that one moves so easily with their kids and people. Even in guptakashi , I encounter. Every little child ,just 2 or 2 and half yrs old cutely will say pranams.

Then he took me to little further height of this village from where one can go down to sonprayag (which is just 3 km away) these people will go by this route to triyugi narayan. I must say , triyugi narayan is One of best landscape one to enjoy in Himalayas.
view of the village 

In the winter these places will receive snowfall . I saw some of his local friends playing cricket . the place is not a ground but little bigger step. The landscape is just like big big ,small or big width steps.

My mind had a thought to find answer , how the rain water goes down from these top without affecting the village residential houses. The canals are there.

After taking few snaps , he himself arranged a camera , we came down and went to the cricket field. Playing among with them gave me a lot .may be now after retirement I may play for them as coach in the local tournaments.

In this muddy pitch if ball has to bounce means one has to eat well else he can’t make it single delivery. We returned to his home. By 6 pm the darkness completely spreaded his carpet.

The low voltage reminded my stay at bhojwasa (on the way to gomukh) and gangotri in 1996 . too many hydro projects are going on but power is always an issue. but when all lights are there , i will njoy the symbol of  shiva linga form , on the opposite mountains from guptakashi , in the village ukhimath. it is such coincidence that if u connect all the house lights you will get exact shiva linga form.

But these days , especially after june disaster almost every one has solar lamps in their house. His father created a camp fire under the orange tree. We had traditional gadwali roties for the dinner and spend the night in the warmth of fire and coolness of breeze.
me under the orange tree in the night -next to fire

Amazingly we both tried to learn about photography in night mode , got some good snaps. (namalae sollikka vendiyathuthan ) when we go for bed , the room has no room to see whether sunlight came or not in the world unless if open the door or window.

Its typical traditional house constructed with mud so gives warmth to us as the people of the land. The night become wonderful one because of the dreams it offered to me .waked up early morning around 3 am and waited for them to wake up. By 5 am the light spreaded in the sky but not the warmth rays.

His loving mother gave me hot puha (lemon avul) with tea the maharashtrian food. A nice place to stay and experience the Himalayas in its own beauty. Waiting for another trip .

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