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project kedar - solutions (part I)

Note on 1st may 2014 , i have submitted a small proposal to Uttarakhand Chief Minister shri Harish Rawatji , for the creation of Multi language information system and my vounteering services. the chief minister welcomed the presentation and instructed rudraprayag district administration to collect all the proposals that i have in rebuilding kedar and the state. on 25th may 2014 the chief minister himself personnally acknowledged me , during his visit to guptakashi and asked to submit the proposal which he will look thru into and taken for consideration.
based on CM office instruction , the Rudraprayag district administration called me to discuss the proposals and submit its report to CMO. 
on 16th june 2013 , the yatra incharge , the Superidentant of Police of Rudraprayag district received my suggestions and forwarded with his report to DM and CMO . which further the DMO is in touch to collect necessary details and photographs to present it to their higher authorites.
Here the inputs given for your kind prayers

Project Kedar

A plan for rebuilding the state thru kedar

Solutions  presented By Swami sushantha

Nature of solutions must be

1-   should get more time from nature , to prevent the present status from forth coming seasonal rains
- -  should start with immediate  solution  so that  it  address the livelihood of locals and bring locals to work with government in the reconstruction process
3-   Should address the  environmental concerns raised
4-   Should have long term plans for better permanent solution
5-   should float a system with technological solutions for better future and permanent solution with room to improve always
6-   Should reduce the burden of administrative people thru e-goverance
7-   should improve the experience of devotees by improving services to pilgrims without diluting the devotional aspects of yatra
8-   should be possible to implement if coordinated well among various agencies and government organizations
9-   Should be expandable to other dhams so that whole char dham experience can be enhanced
1-Should place the systems in place in temple management in such a way the every devotee should feel the previlage of his life time experience
1-Should make the tourism as whole year event and create the employment opportunities for the uttarakhand people
1-Should make the state as a front runner and role model for the whole nation in handling the tourisam and preserving the  ecosystem by preventing the plastic pollutions

Communication – the basic key for development

       For a state receives tourists from across the globe communication is basic key to open any door of development
1.    Ensuring the 3g network service by all mobile service providers across the state is most important –both for management and for improvement
2.    Not only in the time of disasters , even otherwise it is really boost for administrators to get the data of every single thing from the field within no time thru internet usage
3.    It saves the time , makes us to take quick decisions, utilises our manpower to the best
4.    By creating a new system of governance we can deliver the best result in quick time , also can be hear the solutions from the village and reach out village  - If need I can volunteer you in consultations , in creating such a model
5.    By coordinating with the central government to send separate satellite for the demands of uttarakhand , such as weather forecast , rain and snow fall monitoring , disaster alerts, implementation of uninterrupted tracking system etc etc
6.    I visited the govt and  BKTC websites , which is not at all appealing and not up to its potential

For the kedar yatra –immediate need

       Should be increase the accomodation for pilgrims in kedarnath and gowrikund is the first priority
       At present we don’t know what the effect this rainy season is going to bring due to the changes in landscape of kedarnath
       Instead of demolishing the existing buildings , we  can wait , so if time spares , we have good resource for next season 2015 may and june
       Similarly we keep moving the same solution from year to year , till we ready to shift to new kedarpuri by renewing the Mou with lodge owners association

Till we build the new kedarpuri

       We can ask the kedar lodge owners to come with  forum and sign an MOU with government for a  temporary period  of one year – so that on yearly basis we can improve and renew it
       all the buildings can be handover to the forum to clean and operate , get income and  share among yourself basis
       The forum can bring their own people as volunteers to clean all the existing buildings if we set up the standard  of cleanliness and hygine
       The forum can maintain all the resource as one unit , serve the pilgrims, share among themselves
       The forum itself can run a community kitchen for the pilgrim – if the government supply the ration materials needed as a measure of good will and support to their life
       If  we make use it and them , in the coming month of sep and oct if all the buildings cleanings has been perfectly ensured , we can increase  the number of people per day to min 1000  due to stay is available (from may to june 20th) – the locals have good season  - which help  to renew some economy – we will not have the struggles that we faced this may season
       Same kind solution can be implemented for gowrikund or wherever needed  too
       We can take stock in every october and renew it till the period of june 20th next year – so that MOU is to be signed in the month of  september for the period oct to june
       But number of theerthpurohits and employees has to be regulated , so that let every one can come in cycle among themselves – and instead of we manage it , we simply leave it to themselves by controlling the total number

Administrative set up of Uttarakhand pilgrim board

       can function as independent body who can report to CM , the head of organisation
       People from non-political life, who  really doing selfless service have to identify and brought as Board of trustees as heads- to improve the services provided and enhance the experience of pilgrims at every temple so that we can utilize the resource given by tourism for the development of state
       Can be supported by a team of young IAS and IPS officers  who can bring innovative ideas and modern technology – admin and yatra mgmt , PR and resource creation , HR and legal , community services
       Implementation will be thru district administration till it create all its manpower resources
       Benefits: - A Big organisation can be bloomed and taken it new high standards which can create better infrastructure and employment in the state by making the body to tie up with various agencies including corporates and spiritual organisations

The role of this service body

       Working as advisory and decision making body for yatra and  service to pilgrims and tourists related
       Giving solutions to the government and ensuring it is been accomplished in stipulated time frame
       Digging out solutions which address the needs of locals, environment and ecological concerns , and improve the services of government agencies
       Setting up standards and quality for temple maintainence , services and facilities to pilgrims by inducting a team of volunteers from reputed organisations
       Coordinating to create necessary infrastructures needed for the region and for the yatra
       Can convert the tourism resources to community  and pilgrim needs
       Improve the efficiency of services for tourists by adding the quality to it
       can bring best technology and resources as it function , since it functions as independent body
       Uniformity of services can be brought in , no matter which part of the uttarakhand the temple lies
       Can float better systems according to the times and demand
       Can bring more corporate units as seva organisations to our various needs by partnering with them
       Can make the decision making quick and effective
       Community services can be extended to all our state people need
       Pilgrims also will get benefited

Better Disaster Management – reg

       Need to install DOPPLER Radar
       Need to install rainfall gauge data collection centres above 2000 ft
       Organising training  for diaster services and first aid services at every village level for the youths and girls and in schools (if possible bringing these as part of education itself at high school level itself)
       Creating a team of volunteers in every village by providing the necessary training –involving sadhus or
       Have to create few mins documentary regarding do’s and don’t’s to educate the locals and pilgrims – during emergency health needs , during disaster times , what should be done if alert have issued etc
       The same documentaries made telecast at frequent intervals , like advertisement , mandatory for all tv channels who are operating in this himalayan valley 
        the same have to be converted into brouchers and to be issued to every traveller by the tour conducting agencies

Traffic control on trek routes

       Nomatter which area , Always  the trek will not be allowed to start after 5 to 8 am if the trek distance is above 10 kms
       Why it is must one , we must implement
Ø  in himalayas  anytime weather can change after 2 pm , so it is must that the pilgrim reach safe place before that. This helps that.
Ø  95 % people come from plains and these days due to more vehicular usage people not having enough walking practice
Ø   above all average age of pilgrim is around 40 , which are generally slow walkers only. 
Ø  The health issues and not having proper guidence as spiritual process like yatra , not bringing enough rain or winter proof materials  in the name of devotion , causes the struggle both for themselves and  for others. I have witnessed lot .
       Similarly in the down ward (return) journey should not be allowed after 4 pm at limbcholi.

Bringing the android technology

       Now days most of us using the mobile phones with android technology  and mobile app’s in it
       By coordinating with some software corporate , we can develop a free app, which gives all relevent informations about the state to pilgrims , especially accomodation details, route details, temple schedules, weather forecast , disaster alerts, vehicles availability, first aid tips,  and any other emergency information
       Due to heavy download of this app , and govt itself ready to promote thru advt, many big company can come forward to create and offer if we coordinate
       We can also use this app , to spread awareness about plastic pollution , women safety and education, do’s and don’t’s in water body, tree plantation etc

services (1) -Food and health

       Traveller’s note – generally once in life time , average of 40 -50 yrs , coming from plains , have common issues like altitude sickness , BP, sugar etc etc
       Whether it is langhar or bandara or community kitchen or hotels – in order to make pilgrimage as pleasant experience for all , it is necessary to bring the food menu (can be and can’t be) served
       We can follow the guidelines issued by amarnath shrine board as it is – in this regard
       We can ask few reputed ashrams to set up community kitchens so that they also get benefited , people also get their basic need , business interest will not be pop up – above all these kind of set up truly give the feeling of yatra or pilgrimage than like tour
       Reason – the oily foods , unhygienic conditions of cooking and serving area cause disorders for pilgrims

Services (2) –by offering Air cargo services

       Right from the age , kedar yatra has been kept as pilgrimage . But today due to improvements in travel mode more and more visiting –and also slowly diluting the essence of yatra
       The reason for people to prefer heli services or goda services is mainly because of changes of modern day life style , age and health factors
       The biggest problem for a trekker is to carry his luggage of needy things , due to weather conditions at higher altitude and unlike other places here he/she has to trek for min of 20 kms
       We can run a air cargo service between sonprayag and kedarnath (pick up and delivery points ) as done by TTD at tirupathy either on free of charge or at minimum charge so that every one can afford (such as rs 100 per back) for a person who spents min 10K for a trip Rs 100 is not an issue.
       Benefits :; -  for trekkers it is lot more supportive irrespective of age
       Creates good will , offer employment  to locals
       In any weather , min one service can be guaranteed , which is less than 10 mins travel , at noon time

Services (3) – medical

       When some NGO needed an MBBS doctor for their program , as employee , I refer few people who had clinic at kedar , since just few days ago to it they told me about  need of job , they told they completed mbbs –but when I refer to them , the ngo can’t able to induct him because he is not an MBBS  -- this is the reality
       Yesterday 14th june –hindustan times reported – the struggles and demands of doctor team who is on deputation at kedarnath for a month period – so this is what government staff
       In order to ensure quality service, better first aid , we can tie up with spiritual organisations and reputed hospitals  and medical colleges , and by coordinating with corporate sector , we can bring dedicated team of people for whole yatra season –need to work it out – in the organisation (isha foundation) where I worked , we have nearly 5 static primary clinic and nearly 40 mobile hospitals running – it all managed by dedicated team of volunteers – so we can approach such organisations and people to provide better services for people
       Though it would not solve the whole issue , due to protocol , the govt has to deploy a team , these kind of measures will help us , reduce the burden of govt department and pilgrim too get benefit lot

In offering best experience to devotees 1-Vip dharshan charges

       it has been rs 2500 per head –but the entry or timing are same in the crowd – above all theerthpurohits only doing – only few can affordable if they want to take everyone in their family – above all the experience of people is no way even to minimum satisfactory – last year I observed on daily basis  -it can be changed like below
       Apart from dharma dharshan , a paid counter can be opened , for people to do pooja thru theerthpurohit – just with rs 100 per head – more people will affordable , can be channalise theerthapurohit too – they also got recognised – right now there is no basic system there , especially theerthpurohits adhoc operations cause much inconvenience for every one , as their moto is only becoming money
       Will talk to later when the govt agrees to improve the services and ready to give best experience to pilgrims

In offering best experience to devotees (2) – sadhu’s

       Dev bhoomi – another pulling point has apart from temples , is the great beings who represented the Hindu sanathana dharma , simply refer as sadhu’s or sanyasin’s
       But today common man’s experience is not in writable form. Many become allergitic because of the way that these people behaving with pilgrims .
       I would like to change the scene as beautiful as we can , by organising and doing few things so that kedarnath can become a place just for sadhana , not for begging.
       And slowly we can spread it to other temples and towns too. We can change it to a point that only this part of world has such great beings – can work further in this regard if agreed on this 
       This will give the pilgrims truly spiritual yatra feeling and can really get benefit by the space and energy of what it has been

In offering best experience (3) – informations

       Already I presented the subject of Multi language information system to handle non-hindi speaking tourists
       Instead of employees we should operate thru volunteers by tieing up with some of the organisations
       Let us start a full fledged team at guptakashi , so right now their service can be taken by others by various means –that’s y I told about ensuring 3 g network provider by all service providers
       Will work with SP of rudraprayag and update on this further

       This will also support the administration

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