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project kedar -solutions -part II -yatra managment

project Kedar -solution part II

Himalayan Yatra registration and management

One desk solution

What it should address

       Once  if a pilgrim enters beyond rishikesh , it should give us where stay  , which location(town) if we need to reach out for emergency  till he goes out the exit point (rishikesh)
       It should get connected with all lodges so that every lodge or stay area can be a data recording point , during their entry and exit in that village
       It should give all details of the pilgrim including their medical data ,
       It should tell us ,whether the person came as individual , family, friends or yatra group
       Incase if it is yatra group , it has to give us their local agent details and here in uttarakhand tour operator details
       The program should clearly separate the local residents and pilgrims including drivers
       It should be managed for whole year instead of just 6 months period
       The website should also to be used  by government  to convey  informations and updates regarding yatra
       The website should also give provision for the relatives and friends , about the   pilgrim regarding  their present status of  yatra  in just readable format


       One can apply thru online with expected date of his/her schedule from where ever they are
       It should be done as incase if they not report in stipulated time , the data has to be removed and ask them to register freshly
       It should capture the photo of the pilgrim, name , age, sex, some id number (if id not , it has to be mention) , blood group, basic medical data (can be made as uploading the scan copy of doctor certificate) , medicine allergy , contact details , relatives details,
       Incase if it is a tour group then it should get details of their local tour organiser and our state tour organiser (which may be same or different)
       it should have get their tentative plan of tour program
       On uploading all the details in website , the website has to generate an acknowledgement form , which can be presented at the time of entry in the state to get their registration Id to confirm their arrival –as it is been done present

Website must have provision for

       One time data entry has to be made for all local drivers and vehicles and lodges details at every village across the state so that can be linked with their id – every time
       The lodges should have the verification scanner ( which can be supplied by the government itself on subsidy) so that pilgrim entry to their lodge and town can be recorded and reported in website report – daily at the coordination desk
       It should give different colour id cards (like driving license or voter id) for all the locals in the following category by one time registration (theerthpurohits, shop keeper, lodge owner, worker, service provider (godha , doli, chopper), on duty personnel , sadhu’s , volunteers

Website should generate

       The hour based reports at some places at main dhams
       night based reports at other places
       Location based reports and mobile numbers (to send bulk sms in an emergency time)

How it SHOULD be implemented

       In haridwar , rishikesh , dehradun , and other main important places which can function as entry or exit point to the state , reporting station has to be installed with computer terminals which also can function as in person registration points
       Since it is website based management we can connect all the lodges and ashrams in those places so that there itself they can generate the id cards for the pilgrims which can be used for verification (for entry and exit or crossing the chekpost) at later stages
       Instead of issuing free id card , it can be issued at rs 10 per pilgrim , where as it is free for local people


       the reporting stations can generate employment for locals
       Website can be used to send informations in multi language
       Volunteers can be organised and get connected thru network so that they no need to come here except a handful of people
       for locals we can issue the id cards in such a way they can hang it on their neck , which helps even the pilgrim , which category he belongs
       Weather forecast , rain fall , snow fall information and any yatra related information also can be published as flash news
       It will reduce huge load of work for administration in case of some issues or disaster alerts given  since every one will get their needed information in readable format thru website
       Software giants will come forward to tie up since the maximum hit it can get - for them we can give  a small screen space to sell for advertisements –thru which they can earn the income
       Can be publish various awareness messages , do’s and don’ts  to make the society better
       Can be linked to other websites and departments if need

       Reduce the time of reporting , since the website itself can generate the reports according to  each  role and responsibilities  of various deparment officials

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