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project kedar -solutions -part III -Building new kedarpuri

in june first week , i got a call from pujjya swamiji's office of parmarth nikethan , rishikesh for a meeting. without knowing anything i landed and suddenly swamiji told we need to talk about kedarnath , as govt creating solutions for proposed project. By Swamiji's blessings and Guru's grace thoughts have flowed to create a power point presentation (with just 9 slides) with my own hand diagrams. though first two times the presentation keep postpone due to some technical flop , later swamiji really jumbed into joy once i started and added green touches to kedarnath. though the whole meeting just lasted for 15 mins , in the presence of few other , in a day or two i got a surprising call from the office of superidentent of police for rudraprayag district , as they received a forwarded note from chief minister office , regarding project kedar -solutions -that i want to present to CM. the CM has directed the district administration to go thru my proposals and asked to submit a report (first time i am fortunate to see that my letter given to CM on 1st may 2014 at his phata visit , with his remarks and goes thru various departments) by this time the CM itself has endorsed and informed me about his direction on his second visit on 25th may to guptakashi. The Badri kedar temple committee also drafted a letter by the reference of District administration to include me in their team as a volunteer which i received on 16th may 2014. the whole proposal that i submitted to SP went to DM's desk and DM was keen on the suggestions and ordered his secretary to be in touch with me to get more details , which they need to present it to CM cell .  I hereby acknowledge all this is not possible without the blessing of pujjya swamiji chidanand maharaj and grace of Guru.

Building New kedarpuri

Possibilities of check dam creation

       Need to find out the possibilities to build the check dam facilities at higher altitudes – in kanti sarovar and chorabhari lake etc
Ø  Advantages – can be monitor water inflow and water level thru satellite technology
Ø  Can be avoid lake burst kind situation and sudden flow of gallons of waters from the upper stream
Ø  Can get little time to alert the down areas if it properly coordinated and implemented with right technology
Ø  Can take the help of DRDO regarding this to create a technology – may be extend to other areas too if we find something

River canal system with high level emergency exit bridges

       3 tier canal system (protection wall) has to be build in mandhagini river  in such a way the lower canal height wil be at 30 ft ht from ground , middle will be 40 and top will be 50 ft ht from river basin
       the width of lower canal is 30 ft , middle one  another 20 ft (both sides) , top one another 20 ft (that means total canal with is 70 ft + 3 wal * 10 ft = 100 ft
       So that the overflow water from lower canal will come to next one and then to the top one
       The height of town area should be more than the top canal height
       In river saraswathi –min 2 tier canal system has to be build same way as in mandagini
       Advantage – generally by observing natural  eye view , the increase of flow in rivers , precautionery steps (evacuation) can be taken unless otherwise such as dam or lake burst condition in rainy seasons

Temple area view –proposed

       3 tier canal (protection wall ) in river
       Umberlla protection wall behind the temple
       2 tier circular parikrama around the temple  can be build  with provision of varandha’s as if in south indian temples
       High level Emergency exit bridges along the river that can take people to side mountain range incase of flood
       Emergency alarms
       Helipads for emergency rescue operations at reachable distance from the emergency exit bridges on both sides of the temple area
       Identifying the plants and involve devotees in mass tree plantation behind the temple  and  on the side mountains to create a forest and to stop the soil erosion
       Utiling the front area of the temple by creating green park with transparent roof for people to make use –like green house kind

Advantages of 2 tier  circular parikrama around the temple


In the south indian temple , square type of parikrama’s were build around main temple , in which many other temples also be fit into it
       In the ancient days , the kingdom itself build around the temple , so in the temple parikrama , they have space for stock room, darbar, people stay varandha , court etc etc will be there
       Here I am suggesting  circular parikrma  (without disturbing the temple vimana)  of 20 mt width , design in two layers (an inner parikrama and an outer parikrama) , which not only can prevent the temple but also can divert the over flow water because of the design
       This will help more people can take schelter in times of emergency ,
       Can be build by using same boulders that brought by river , and instead of cement and concrete , we can use ancient technique of lime , kadukkai , mud and little cement etc –I heard nepali labours can be done well in using these boulders like this

New kedarpuri - Why it should not be in the limpcholi area – as govt planned

       the 2 km distance in the slope pathway is difficult to walk in snow fall or rains – and now electricity also not there in path way – so difficult to come back from temple after evening arathi – I personnally experienced in oct 2013
       The above photo  taken on 4th may 2014 shows nearly 6 ft ice depositing  which made us not able to arrange any schelter for pilgrims
       The middle picture shows how temperary tents made on ice in the slope area
       The below picture was taken on 1st  of june , which shows , still the snow occupies the place so that we could not make any schelter arrangement
       Govt already planned to run electric cars or golf carts  instead if we shift to old route area  by connecting thru bridge that will be better option

Advantages of building new kedarpuri in old horse shed area (ghoda shed)

       this part for approx from 1 km to 1.5 km road is in good condition
        temple area just 500 mt walkable distance so every one can dharshan evening arathi and come back even in night
       Landscape is comparatively less slope than the helipad area (glacier points)
       If connected with high level bridges from limbcholi (across the river) on both sides of the town area – it can be put into functional

Whichever area -Plan and policy

       Clear town plan has to be made , in such a way , buildings not blocking the wind flow and water flow incase if any such come it can pass away without causing damage or casuality – even now one can see the left out buildings structure ––once water got flow area it did not damaged other buildings
       The buildings should be made in such a way , with eco friendly matereials such as prefabricated ones  with proper ventilation for air circulation  instead of huge construction by concrete or cement , so that it can be completed in short span of time , cost effective ,
       environmental issues and concerns of environmentalists also be addressed
       Only  two tier system (ground and upper flour) has to be build

How the town planning should be
the human settlement should be in proper rows and columns in such a way  there is no obstacle for wind flow or water flow –incase if it is strong or unexpectedly arrive
       the building designs should be uniform and should be like half circle kind or design of eye – so that in case if water enters the building can divert the water instead of resisting it  - so minimum damage can be ensured even if calamity strikes
       How ever the whole town area should be like semi circle type
       In the below pic u can clearly notice how the water have not affected any building once it got passage to move thru

Need of High level bridges

Instead of low level bridges that presently builded at Rambada , high level bridges has to be builded to connect the places
        between rambada
       In the chota limbcholi – to avoid going down and claimbing up again
       From there to connect at old trekking road – after the gurada chatti – just before the ghoda shed (horse shed) area
       At the end of the kedar entry point – little before to where old bridge point was there
       Emergency exit bridges across the river on the sides of the temple town to get connected – to escape the town area in quick time incase of emergency (the below pic is in kashmir build by our railways)

Procedure for implementation

       The government can announce interest free loans (75 %) and (25 % subsidy by govt) to the lodge owners so that on their name it can build and give to them , and ask them to start repay the loan after a period of 2 years handing over the building keys
       Should get the application from building owners and their legal heirs , should be build in uniform design and hand over to them

       This will reduce the time frame of construction and it can be handed over to military or BSF

t   The place(on steps of the temple)  i stand in flood waters for 45 mins , in 3.5 ft waters to my height - from the ground level nearly 15 ft 

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