Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Man and The Mountains - that i got

The Man who desended from
mountains made me crazy and
brought me to the dream foothills
But the mountains he showed
to climb makes me ecstatic
and pulling me to go beyond
the man stands like mountain
and the mountain speaks like man
utter idiot me
don't know anything except his name
atleast he could have hide
the mountains from my eyes
so i could have settled in the plains
but now ......?
just demanding to take me to hills
swami sushantha

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

No Latch in the door

no latch in the door
but i am not yet free bird

no fort in the land
yet i am in the prison

no king or people to serve
but i am busy myself

seeking the sky to decent
but termites eating me up

want to be silent and still
but moving with the sound allways

can you burn my dreams, words and thoughts
and make me to live in the moment

my dear sadhguru
if you not do who else?

swami sushantha



vg;nghJk; fisg;g[whj
xh; Ma[jk;

Mapuk; Kiw ntiy
bra;atpy;iy bad;whYk;
mjw;Fk; xU fhuzj;ij cUthf;fyhk;

vjph; vjpuhf bray;gLgth;fsplj;jpYk; Tl
vt;tpj btl;fKkpd;wp xl;of; bfhs;Sk;
xnu ez;gd;

,itfshy; thH;f;ifiaa[k;
thh;j;ijfisa[k; mHfhf;ft[k; ,aYk;
mh;j;jkw;wjhft[k; bra;a ,aYk;

ftpij / fw;gid/ fh;ktpid
vJthapDk; rup
fhuzkpy;iyapdpy; caph; thHhJ
,lk; bghUs; Vty; czh;e;J
,g;g{f;fis khiyahf;f bjupe;jhy;
,t;t[yifna bty;yyhk;

MapDk; ,t;tw;g[jk;
fhjypYk; fy;yiwapYk;
ntiy bra;ahJ
kw;wgo mHfhd mk;rk;
urpf;fj; bjupgth;fSf;F