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Life of Sanyasi # Nath Tradition # Being a Women # appeal for creating better stay for her

Those who can, please extend your support.

The sanyasi and maa belong to Nath Tradition. The tradition set by saint Goraknath. The maa is from Guwahati , near kamakya and the Sanyasi Shani Nath is from uttarpradesh.

Shani Nath is well known to me for the past 4 years , since I came here. My half broken hindi and his half broken English made us united and above all his keen interest on sadhana (chanting, meditation) made me feel close to heart .

In Kedarnath also , like me , many times he moves out from the crowd places to continue his chanting and meditation. After roaming Allahabad, Varanasi and other sacred places he was now back at the feet of kashi viswanath temple , Guptakashi.

Kali Maa , the purest heart also came to live at the feet of kasha viswanath. Both of them taking schelter at the (thinnai) front side open places of the temple for the past 6 months. They have very small room, where they cook and have their Prasad.
For their food , on every Saturday they goes for bhiksha to the near by villages and collects the grocessaries and vegetables from householders. In this they happily serves the other sadhu’s and sanyasi’s who are visiting the temple .

We are also in discussion as how to extend this sadhu sewa to all the sadhu’s and sanyasi’s who visits Guptakashi on travel. It is also my dream, due to my personnel experiences during my initial days when even the great and only ashram in Guptakashi , Vidya Dham , (that time manager, after 20 days suddenly one day  told not to come for bhiksha.)

But I must be so gratitude for that man, unless otherwise I can’t be stand where I am right now, I can’t be got exposed for all wonderful people whoever I met thereafter. Infact I would say, that day, he has removed my eye glasses, which brought vast sky to see in natural eyes. it is the shiva spoke thru him and guided me for the future.

Right now I committed them to work closely , so that in a few years time , they can serve all the sadhu’s and sanyasi’s , atleast one time meal and few cups of tea , if I can collect and transport the ration materials for the activity.

I have complete trust that they can deliver the same service with utmost devotion and shraddha to all the people , if Lord Viswanatha supports and blesses our team in this sacred task.

But before that, much more basic need has to be fulfilled. Both Shani Nath and Kali maa staying in these places , by occupying one side of the temple for each even in this winter.
Guptakashi -temple entrance - where Shani Nath and Kali Maa sleeping on each side of the foot steps (in the open space)

Being a women , even though it is at temple gate only, when the liquor bottles available even in remote places of himalayas, it is our concern that she need to be taken care properly. Above all sanitation facilities for her during rainy days or bitter cold. As a brother to maa, shani nath is already in search of little bigger room so that she can stay in night there itself.

But still the problem exists in different way. toilet and bathroom. You people aware of this. We are talking in many forums , even Our PM committed to bring Toilets to every home. So in this context , I told Shani nath to see some place which has bathroom facility even if it is little higher cost.

Because he has searched for a single room which is approx Rs.1000 as rent but for bathroom and toilet, there is no facility for her, in such cost. She has to come out for public toilet ( you know the condition of our public toilets much better than me) which is nearly 500 mtr distance. so I committed them, to take an house itself, so that we will get better space to keep our ration materials along with comfortable space for her to live , cook and serve to others.

Our Sanyas life , we can’t predict anything such unless we have an ashram space and our own buildings. But the ashrams that created for these purpose, to do sadhana in himalayas, by wonderful people, after they gone it all become like lodges due to the management mostly goes in the hands of family people. it is because they could not get donation from public as service and devotion get degrades. i know and experiencing such situations in almost every ashram that i visited 10 years ago during my parivarjaka days.

The only ashram in Guptakashi, Vidyadham , which was there as abode for sadhus, during the period of maharaj , now though it has bigger place called sant niwas , not even sweeping happens (not just in this room , even where guests staying rooms). They can offer one room for such people but their administration won't allow , also the other end people who given such support not know how to be there or after some time they also do same thing for new comers, because of the fear of losing what they enjoy. very few passing thru that too because of the grace of Guru.

one thing is very clear for me. The organisations which was created by many wonderful people , after 2, 3 generations they failed to carry out same tradition of transmitting the same devotion and care around life. Atleast the administrator has to create one right person during his life time. But that is very big task. 

Else how they could have opened the first church in upper himalayas, by giving loans and blankets to poor people. Even if i start one such thing, it may get distort. but the same thing should not be hindrance for our care and concern for people around me.

so I suggested to find out some house, which is 5, 10 mins walkable distance from temple. Though he welcomed the suggestion the monthly budget , committment on rent ,which may costs a rent of Rs 2500 -3000.

Shani Nath and Kali Maa - in their small kitchen - after giving bhiksha for me one night with their love and devotion
For which Shani Nath hesitated because we need to pay the rent every month in time, and its huge cost. Right now they have a space which is just, something around 6 x 6 , just cooking space. Even for which they have to pay Rs.500 per month that too it belong to an Dharmashala only.

Above all the house owner has to satisfy to offer the same. These days it is because of the belief , and in the unavoidable circumstances when we do such services to needy people, every one thinking that i have big group of people who can support me financially. they look me in disbelief ,if i say only dr maharaj given money for me to go to Rishikesh. (fact is fact , whether they believe or not, so i am not worry)

me know what death means. me lived in the situation of flood, in no minute people have floated just as bodies without life. i am not concern about who thinks what. it is that incident, moment , lord spared my life to do something. speaking about vivekanandha is easy , working like him in the present day world ....... one has to go thru all. 

thats why I committed them that I will write an article about their need and Lord viswanath will send us some one to support monthly, so that we can be at his feet and slowly build the sewa Kendra, by collecting ration materials to serve the sadhu’s and sanyasi’s.

Before we step into sewa Kendra, it is my wish that they must settle at least for a one year period, at least for a minimum of 6 months. Above all sewa Kendra needs Godown space , transportation costs which are all depending on finance. Because once we started then people will come with expectation, we can’t send them in empty hand.

So those things we kept pending till Lord send us right people and necessary materials with the support of finance. But for this, its small request , even if 5 or 6 people offer a small contribution /every month, it will help us to create a proper shelter (house on rent) for Maa to stay.

i know your question, where and how i am living. me a man , she is a women. Thats not a difference in spiritual but in social circumstances , she has the first priority in her basic needs.

for me, Lord Viswanath's lotus feet always available. a Small bedding space available. The day when he decides, he has to keep me fit enough and with a space to do Asanas, to share the schelter with any one of you (during your visit) for a day or two, to offer Prasad to the devotees of shiva, He or His devotees will find me an house for rent. :)

Right now her need is more important. 

IF anyone wish to contribute kindly request you contact in inbox. Don’t worry if I get extra amount , we can offer them for grocessaries and vegetables too.

your every single paise of donation, will not only help them to find a better place but also help them to serve for others, offering prasad to the visiting sadhu's and sanyasi's

An appeal received for an Orphanage run by Shri Ramakrishna Vivekanandha Sewashrama

Dr. Tulsidas , who came to this kedar valley as a part of the medical team of Shri Ramakrishna Mission , which came here to serve the needy after last year tsunami floods.  The man , who got seasoned by his devotion to the footsteps of swami vivekanandha, to serve the mankind, the conditions that prevails here melted his heart and made him to decide to stay among our people.

His divine wish was supported by noble organizations and hearts , which stood behind him, to create a new society in the name of Shri Ramakrishana-Vivekanandha Sevashrama and got registered at Rudraprayag.

As soon as he registered the society, by the support of sivanandha ashram, Anandhamayi ashram and other NGO's such as GOONCH which came forward to support his medical services to the poor , he started one medical clinic at Guptakashi and serving the needy at free of cost. Also this made him to undertake and support 40 students, for their education, from the family that got affected by flood.

Through like this he able to organize the basic needs for the hostel (orphanage) for the childrens , Brahmachari Prashant Maharaj came forward to support his wish of taking care of children. He takes care of Vivekanandha Boys hostel and Mangala madam came forward to take care of Girls hostel.

And since then it keep improving to create sustainable resources to run the orphanage by itself. These boys and girls are from Kalimath valley. Which is an inside villages on the route of kalimath, Jal, Ruchmahadev and Chomasi. Kalimath is a well known sakthi peeth. Here all the three devi’s are in Ugra Roopa.

The saraswathi temple and half of the lakshmi temple washed away in the last year flash floods. The Kali devi yantra will be bring open from the underground once in a year, 8th day of Navarathiri festival. The state of these remote villages, only  the sons and daughters of the land can live here.

Many of them not even visited Guptakashi for more than a decade. Few teenage girls still not seen Guptakashi or Rudraprayag , as their life is totally within the village. The Government schools (not only here , generally in every village) I could see many of the teachers daily in the market in their school times.

Last year I happened to visit one of these schools, which don’t have teacher for English and maths more than 3 years. That too for inter college. (that’s our +2) then imagine how the life is in terms of present day needs. Yes they are on the other hand , their life style is very simple and beautiful.

Now after we establish this hostel here at this place, called Kunnu , near Kotma which is 10 km from Kalimath and 3 to 5 km from Ruchmahadev , the presence of  Brahmachari of Ramakrishna Order Shri. Prashant maharaj and few other volunteers these childrens getting tuitions for various subjects.

We doing these classes for all students ,who can come at particular time apart from students living in Orphanages. you may be wonder , how and why i suddenly using as we. first neither i asked or applied to be a full time volunteer nor they has not yet offered to included me as full time volunteer in their team. So  as outside volunteer i keep extending my support on and off on the allowed areas where they feel i can contribute. 

This is mainly due to i myself can't commit  for any one single organisation or activity as my experience and exposure is mainly in organising /coordinating and managing. Above all before such committments enter i myself committed to kedarnath and its pilgrim sewa. As a person who is a witnessee of such calamity and loss of life if i not commit, what else i can do. 

third 6 months in a year i may not be available for any other thing except for kedarnath due to its perioity. though i can create the system which can deliver what i can , without hurdle , even for this to create sufficient time and energy has to be spend. other than this due to my frequent and lengthy trips to kedarnath,  in the past , so far,  one may reluctant in handing over responsibility unless otherwise if you well exposed me in your life. 

still i would like to support what ever i can, as a postman  or bridge for you people as they came to serve my people, and community, which needs improvement in many many areas. Because it is for my children. As tamil saying " yathum oorae yavarum kelir " ( as in sanskrit " vasudev kudumbhaha ") the whole universe is my ashram and i am volunteer.  And i can't contain myself in the bondage or limited entity of an organisation. Above all neither i applied nor invited, so just happy to be an volunteer without any expectation.  

And as Life taught me to live and serve as universal volunteer, i always extend my support without any expectation, to any body who does good things for our society. Especially i agreed and committed for this request and myself committed for these two orphanage (and to an another one where 20 boys living- both run by volunteers and not by established organisations), because they are my childrens.

And only thing i can do, as a man who does not have any organisational support or proper permanent schelter, is serving by taking the news and informations to the others. You people know, it is because of you people, me able to do the postman job either it is for sadhus or for these childrens on the occassion of deepavali or support of college fees or any other things. So i am servant of Lord. which is you. :) 

Above all from my experience i learned lot only by the exposure and it made me to learn many more even now. Education does not mean just providing knowledge but also have to give them exposure beyond the books.
on deepavali day - annadhanam sponsored by one of face book friend at girls hostal

So this year we would like to take these boys and girls for a 4 to 5 day trip , which cover Dehradun, Haridwar and Rishikesh. The sight seeing will cover AirPort, Railway station, Kempty falls, hanging bridges in Rishikesh, trekking, visiting the library , natural beauty of uttarakhand etc etc.

Though Sivanandha ashram came forward to offer the accommodation and food but still we may require a minimum of 50000 Rupees for travel and other expenses.  In this trip totally 40 students (20 boys and 20 girls) and their guardians and few volunteers making it.

As we would like to start on 25th dec and complete for new year , which is their winter holidays period, those who wish to contribute please support us before 15th dec , so as to do further arrangements. 

Doctor Tulsidas made a appeal for me to support whatever I can , collect from face book friends. Those who wish to contribute this noble cause, please inbox me for the banking details.

Every small contribution is welcome with gratitude

Friday, 28 November 2014

sadhu sewa -Just expressing my gratitude for these wonderful beings

Many of you aware of my posting about the needs of the 5 sadhus. To be frankly , I was little hesitant when I receive the request from them. Second to be honestly , I thought it is like asking donation for something or other at regular interval.

But nothing was planned by me. Though this concern and attitude I have since my college days, when I came here to this part of india , I never thought these things even for fraction of seconds. The post flood situation, though it exposes lot of need and demand, I also become like crippled man ,without any organization, above all the language issues. 

Infact I turned down many offers given by various people  who came for service by asking for my bank account details but given the details of various organisations who are working in this part of rehabilitation. But the time which decided to offer me an bank account in may 2014, especially when I discuss about a college girl education fees, when many organisations left by closing their basic works and the ones which are here not taken her request.

Mr.Guljarilal Nandha , the two time interim prime minister of India got compromised to open a bank account, of course for a good cause. But I kept it silent. Whenever I read (delhi)shahjahan’s post in face book, I was amazed to see him and his service to students. He is great inspiration for me to live in this part of region. Even I have not seen his face. But His slogan “ pogumidam yellam anbai vidaippom , yenganum yaraenum aruvadai seiyattum” become part of me.

Life has given me a request naturally. The first appeal which collected Rs 25000 directly given to her college on her account. But this also made expectation for next year too. I am receiving few more requests for the next year by now itself.

Later it was my concern for my children who are living in two orphanages (40 boys and 20 girls) near by Guptakashi to celebrate the Diwali with best food. Though I am in hurry for my Kedar trip , the 12000 rs donation given by 3 people , offered for these two orphanages and one family as 6000 +5000+1000 respectively.

This only lead to this third request for sadhus. Initially I thought it is very difficult. But this time also face book came up with beating hearts. 4 people given me a total donation of Rs.15025. ( Jayant Mugharjee ,kolkatta , rs.6025 +Shri. Premkumar Bangalore rs.4000+ shri. Vasanthakumar Gowndiappan, bangalore rs3000+shri. Saravanan kj chennai 2000).

I was little worried since few days back when those sadhus  not even phoned up and asked for update (they have changed the plan of returning to Guptakashi due to time delay- initially they planned to return Guptakashi around nov 16th but they extended their stay for more days in Badrinath, so it resulted in delay). Badrinath portals was closed for winter only around 28th november. so they extended their stay there.

As delay extends i thought of returning the money back to people, as they wont come back. Or i thought about other needs for poor people if incase the donors agree. But just few days ago, thru some locals they have passed information that they are going straightly to Rishikesh and asked is there any possibility to meet at Rudraprayag. But I joined with them at Rishikesh on 25th November and little bit shock to see that one more person got added in their group now. He is also travelling with them up to Varanasi.

I was shock because I felt how the money that I have in my hand is enough for those people’s needs. Because in haridwar or rishikesh i dont have that much well known contacts even to bargain. But somewhere inside me, it keeps telling that lord will take care of it. I went to the shop along with one of the sadhu, by the reference of another sadhu in their group.

In the mean time, I also spoke to a sadhu who is having a small kutiya at haridwar about their needs. He asked me to collect blankets from him and distribute to them.

When I told I will bring them directly ,somewhere he does not feel to get expose to everyone. He does this service so silently by serving to the needed and poor people’s with a support of few people. Last year he only given me the basic clothes when I landed with muddy cloths from the flood of kedarnath.  

I told him that I will come later to collect his offering  He himself offered auto charges and accommodation for me. I was quite relieved by sudden fall of Grace.

The shop keeper , where we went took us to another nepali wala shop where u can get quality materials. It was amazing to see such warm cloths. He took 2 sets of woolen pants and woolen shirts(both has fur inside). I am sure I can use this in kedarnath or badrinath also, where mercury touches – 10 in octobers.

He took one pair of glowes and woolen socks too. He also taken one set of black mota jacket. I was wondering about the materials, because first time I see such a wonderful quality. Secondly my mind also calculating about how much money.  Because in the price tag everything came as rs.699 and rs.859, like this. I am not sure whether the amount I have is enough or not?

Actually even for my bus fare from Guptakashi to Haridwar,  the doctor maharaj who doing service to people supported me for the ticket charges.  I thought for 6 sets it will come around Rs 20000. So my mind was thinking  how to manage the extra funds.

But divine intervention came as natural. Still for all the materials it came For one set ( person) it took Rs.2800. so 6 x 2800 = 16800. But I had rs.15025 only.

It seems the sadhu have already told about my finance position to the shop keeper. (he asked me how much I got as donation, I told over phone, may be later they have discussed and spoken with this shop keeper, which I am unaware). My heart beat was pumping all calculations.

Because I am not able to cut one more set. How can we say, when they travel in group. But the devotee just turned up and asked for money. I told I have only Rs.15025 and given. In no time, he smiled don’t worry swamiji, I am there. He put the balance and given to the shop.  Then he himself offered the shoes (action ) which are good for winter for all the six sadhu’s (each rs.300)

by this way all the six people got 2 set of blankets, 2 sets of woolen pants and tshirts, one jacket, one set of glows and shoes , two sets of woolen socks. i am happy at the end , rather than the money , i got the materials as we need , infact for one more additional person, that too with the leela of lord mahadeva.

Finally he asked , you have not taken anything. Do you have all? I said no problem . I have my basic needs. It is those few wonderful people given me an opportunity to serve for these sadhu’s when they given request.

The haridwar swamiji shared new blankets. In Guptakashi I got support for travel expenses. The doctor maharaj of Sri Ramakrishana vivekanandha sevashrama, Guptakashi taken the burden of travel expenses, I told.

Whats next ? he asked.  I told that the doctor maharaj want to take his childrens who are living in orphanages for a annual tour. It will expose these tribal boys the airports , musiams and other things in Delhi and Dehradun for a 4 day trip. He already requested me to support something financial for this cause. But I could not able to write article for blog  for the  Past 25 days due to poor network at Guptakashi, which I have to complete at the earliest, irrespective of what’s the outcome.

I need to write an article about this orphanage and made a request for him. That’s my next commitment. And I have committed for two sanyasis, out of which one is Maa. Both living in the thinnai (near the gate –in the open space) of kashi viswanath temple , Guptakashi.
He smiled. I have seen u in discovery channel. And offered one gift packet for me. It is my gift for you, to continue your sewa to our people.

When I came back room, I opened the gift. it was one unit of woolen pant.  Now I remember why he has choosen for me. It will help to maintain the temperature and walk freely, support for not getting cramps in calf muscles. (due to the cramps in calf muscles i was not able to walk freely for the last few days , which i am getting recover now, by consciously making myself to walk for few hours)

Thank you Jayant, prem, vasanth and saravana . It is because of you. My humble Pranams to you, who offered a glimpse to experience, how Grace functions.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Ekam Foundation # services to mankind # Dr.SaiLakshmi # Nurse recruitement

DR. SaiLakshmi , fond of services to mankind, being a women and a doctor by profession, cared to do something for people around her life. She earlier worked in isha's ARR mobile hospitals before launching her own trust, Ekam Foundation , mainly working for womens in rural villages. Life is always gifted for people like me , when it explores right people for what i desire or dream. The foundation already works in tamilnadu , now launched their services in chattisgarh and came here to hold talks with uttarakhand government , to launch in this state. You people can forward this request or recommend for right and deserved people. the government job managed supported , trained and managed by Ekam foundation. here i attached the mail that they sent.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Warm Greetings from Ekam Foundation We are the key community and nodal partner for National Health Mission and  UNICEF Chhattisgarh.  As part of the Government's latest project aimed at lowering IMR and MMR , we have been given the role of recruiting 143 Staff Nurses in District Hospitals in Chhattisgarh

Nurse Basic Qualification -GNM & BSc Nursing. Age (21-35 years). Min 0-2 years experience salary ctc Rs.14784. free accommodation free. 

We seek your support in helping us identify suitable candidates. Kindly nominate right candidates or alternatively, please send the resumes to this email ID under the Subject head -  RESUME_CHHATTISGARH  SNCU_ NURSE
In case of any further queries, please contact Neeta Nair @ 07299002851.Bindhu 7299788853 
Sir I have attached our organization details and mou to you please consider us and help us by giving some of the nurses who successfully finished GNM or BSC Nursing from your colleges.
Neeta K Nair 
Manager - Research & Development and PR, EKAM Foundation 
Mobile (91) 7299002851 | Landline (044) 42072785
website  |  newsletter  |  map  |  

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தீபாவளி மத்தாப்புக்களை எங்கள் வானத்திலும் கொஞ்சம் பகிருங்கள்

தீபாவளிக் கொண்டாட்டங்கள் என்பது நமது கலாசாரத்தில் மிகவும் ஒன்றிப்போன ஒன்று. மதம் சார்ந்த நம்பிக்கைகளை விட , மத்தாப்புகளும் புத்தாடைகளும் கொண்டு வரும் ஆனந்தம் அளவிட முடியாதது. அதுவும் குழந்தைகளோடு என்றால் குதுகலம்தான்.

கடந்த வருடம் கேதார்நாத்தில் ஏற்பட்ட ஊழிப் பெருவெள்ளம் சுமார் 20- 25 நிமிடங்களே நீடித்த போதும் , அவை உண்டாக்கிய ரணங்கள் இப்பகுதியில் வாழும் மக்களிடையே இன்னமும் ஆறவில்லை.

இன்னும் சில தினங்களில் நான் கேதார்நாத் செல்ல இருந்தாலும், முதல் முறையாக வரப்போகிற தீபாவளியை இங்கு வெள்ளத்தால் பாதிக்கப்பட்ட குடும்பங்களில் இருந்து வந்துள்ள (பெற்றோர்களை இழந்த) மாணவ, மாணவிகள் தங்கிப் படிக்கும் ஹாஸ்டல்களில் சென்று கொண்டாட தீர்மாணித்துள்ளேன்,

எனது வாழ்க்கையில் முதன் முதலாக இப்படி ஒரு செயலை செய்ய தீர்மாணித்து இருக்கும் நான் , மாணவ மாணவிகளுக்கு புத்தாடைகள் வழங்கி , ஒரு நல்ல விருந்தையும் பகிர்ந்து கொள்ள தீர்மாணித்திருக்கிறேன்.

தங்களது நெருங்கிய உறவினர்களை இழந்தும் , வீடுகளை இழந்தும் , வெள்ளத்தின் பாதிப்புகளை சுமந்து நிற்கும் இந்த குழந்தைகளின் குதுகலம் நிச்சயமாக ஒரு ஆனந்தமான வாழ்வின் கொண்டாட்டத்திற்கு துவக்கமாக அமையக்கூடும்.

மாணவ மாணவிகளுக்கு ஒரு நல்ல உடைக்கு சுமார் ரூ 2000 மற்றும் அவர்களுக்காக பணிபுரியும் ஆண் மற்றும் பெண் தொண்டர்களுக்கான உடைகளுக்கு சுமார் ரூ3500 ம் ஆகும் என தோராயமாக கணக்கிடப்பட்டுள்ளது.

சுமார் 200 குழந்தைகளுக்கும் மேல் பாதிக்கப்பட்டவர்கள் இருந்த போதிலும் முதல் தடவையாக இருப்பதாலும் , கால நேரம் குறைவாக இருப்பதாலும்  சுமார் 50 மாணவர்கள் ,  30 மாணவிகள் மற்றும் 10 ஆண் தொண்டர்களுக்கும் 5 பெண் தொண்டர்களுக்கும் உதவிட முடிவு செய்துள்ளேன்

இதைத் தவிர  ஒரு ஹாஸ்டலுக்கு  விருந்திற்கான நன்கொடையாக சுமார் 5000 ரூபாய் பகிர்ந்து கொள்ள விரும்புகிறேன். ( 3 ஹாஸ்டல்கள்)

இத்தகைய பொருளாதார கணக்குகள் காரணமாகவே இதுவரை இது போன்ற சமுக பணிகளை மேற்கொள்ளாமல் இருந்து வந்தேன். பணியை செய்வதை விட அதற்கான பணம் சம்பாதிப்பதே பெரும் பணியாக இருந்து விடுகிறது. ஆனால் கேதார்நாத்தில் கண்ணெதிரே பேரழிவை தரிசித்த நொடிகள், இந்த குழந்தைகளுக்காக , அவர்களது கொண்டாட்டங்களுக்காக கையேந்திட வைக்கிறது என்றால் அது மிகையாகாது.

உங்கள் வீட்டு குழந்தைக்கு செய்வது போன்று , உங்கள் சகோதர சகோதரி குழந்தைகளுக்கு செய்வது போன்று தங்கள் குடும்பத்தில் இன்னொரு குழந்தையின் குதுகலத்திற்கும் தங்களால் இயன்ற அளவு உதவிட வேண்டுகிறேன்.

முதலில் ஆடைகளாகவே பெற்றிட நினைத்தேன். ஆனால் அதில் உள்ள பல்வேறு பிரச்சினைகளாலும் , குழந்தைகளிடையே பேதங்களை உருவாக்க விரும்பாததாலும் ரொக்கமாகவே பெற்று இயன்றதை செய்து ஆனந்தத்தை பகிர்ந்திட விரும்புகிறேன்.

இந்த உயரிய நோக்கத்திற்கு தங்களால் இயன்ற அளவு நன்கொடையை கீழே கொடுக்கப்பட்டுள்ள வங்கி கணக்கில் செலுத்த வேண்டுகிறேன். மறவாது எனது மெயில் ஐடிக்கும் ( தங்களது விபரங்களோடு கூடிய ஒரு தகவலை தர வேண்டுகிறேன்,

தங்களது மகிழ்ச்சியையும் மத்தாப்புக்களையும் பகிர்ந்து கொள்ள விரும்புவோர் , வங்கி கணக்கு விபரம் பெற எனது மெயிலுக்கோ அல்லது பேஸ்புக் இன்பாக்ஸிலோ தகவல் அனுப்புமாறு கேட்டுக் கொள்கிறேன்

ஒரு வங்கிக் கணக்கு பயன்படும் விதங்களை எண்ணி மகிழ்கிறேன். ஒரு உள்ளுர் அன்பரால் உருவாக்கித் தரப்பட்ட இந்த கணக்கு ஏற்கனவே ஒரு மாணவியின் படிப்பிற்கு உதவி பெருமை சேர்த்துக் கொண்டது
தங்களது நண்பர்களோடும் உறவினர்களோடும் இத்தகவலை பகிர்ந்து கொள்ள வேண்டுகிறேன்.

குழந்தைகளின் உள்ளத்தில் மத்தாப்புகளாய் குதுகலத்தை தூவ முன்வரும் தங்களை வணங்குகிறேன். நன்றி

An Appeal – for Diwali

Diwali, the festival of light is one of the greatest celebrations in our country and culture. Irrespective of its mythology or belief, new clothes and crackers will bring the smile in every one’s life, especially among children.

Though the flood in Mandagini River just lasted 20 to 25 minutes only, but the wounds caused in the local people’s life in Kedar valley is not yet get cured.

Though I am going to Kedarnath in few days , I would like to come down and celebrate  Diwali with a group of children whom affected by last year flood and living in orphanages.

These children migrated here from interior villages to continue their education, after their family got affected by the loss of their father or some earning person in the last year flood.

As a first attempt of such kind in my life, after i decided to move to Himalayas since 2011. I decided to offer them a few set of new clothes and one day special dinner. It is estimated a budget of Rs.2000 per boy or girl, Rs.3500 per volunteer (gents and ladies).

There are nearly 200 affected children living around Guptakashi. But I have identified 50 boys and 30 girls who are living in few hostels(orphanages) in this initial phase.  Apart from this there are 10 Gents and 5 ladies who are serving for them in this noble cause.

Apart from this, For the Diwali Dinner cost, I expect donors for one girl’s hostel and  2 no’s of boy’s hostel. (Rs.5000 for each)

Only because finance and economics, past 3 yrs I preferred to stay out of these kind of social projects. But when life toppled them with such huge wave of flood, as a survivor and witnessed of Himalayan tsunami at Kedarnath itself, I could not able to restrain myself without reaching them.

That’s why I came down in my policy, to bring the joy in these faces. As children of your family, as a brother and sister who are wishing them for better life, I kindly request you to support the cause by sponsoring at least one person or one thing of your choice.

Initially I thought of asking clothes but later I discarded because of wastage of cost in transportation. Above all each cloth will be in different quality, so I thought of collecting donation and do it uniformly for every child.

Those who wish to share their joy and colors with these people, kindly requesting you to send your donations.

You also can come forward to donate generously for this noble cause in the following bank account, along with an email

Now only I am realizing the use of that local devotee’s offering (bank account). A bank account not for our life, you can use it for reaching out other life's too. Earlier the same is useful to support a college girl’s education.

those who interested to donate your joy and light on diwali kindly msg me either in mail or in fb for bank account details

Kindly circulate this letter among your friends and relatives, so as to share a colorful moment with these children.

please come forward to contribute whatever you can, in case if you can't sponsor for a child or a volunteer totally

Bow down to you. Pranams.

Swami Sushantha

Friday, 5 September 2014

Teachers day -- Acharya's day

all the people whoever graced my life moments since infant , taught me something by their presence and absense. even the informations about them is taught something. But i have not yet become student of anyone. thats why i keep studying in my life. Today is their day. it is the day i have express my gratitude for all those through celebrations , which is an expression of an joyful being. these celebrations, benevolence, gratitude every single thing is taught by them only. i am just offering the same to them on their day . 

நான் சந்தித்த அனைத்து மனிதர்களும் எனக்கு ஏதோ ஒன்றை கற்றுக் கொடுத்த வகையில் எனக்கு ஆசிரியர் ஆகியிருக்கிறார்கள் ஆனால் நான்தான் இன்னும் யாருக்கும் மாணவனாகவில்லை -----அதனாலேயே இன்னமும் வாழ்க்கை பள்ளியில் படித்துக் கொண்டே இருக்கிறேன் ---- இன்று அவர்களது தினம் --- அவர்கள் என் வாழ்வில் பங்கெடுத்துக் கொண்டதை நான் கொண்டாடும் தினம் --- என் கொண்டாட்டமும் , பணிவும், நன்றியும் அவர்கள் கற்றுக் கொடுத்தமை, அதை அவர்களுக்கே அர்ப்பணிக்கிறேன்

Note :: May be the HRD minister file a case on me for not celebrating Guru Diwas. In that case , please explain them the difference between Guru and Acharya (teacher).  My Guru Diwas is on Guru poornima . That is the day of Guru.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

project kedar -solutions -part III -Building new kedarpuri

in june first week , i got a call from pujjya swamiji's office of parmarth nikethan , rishikesh for a meeting. without knowing anything i landed and suddenly swamiji told we need to talk about kedarnath , as govt creating solutions for proposed project. By Swamiji's blessings and Guru's grace thoughts have flowed to create a power point presentation (with just 9 slides) with my own hand diagrams. though first two times the presentation keep postpone due to some technical flop , later swamiji really jumbed into joy once i started and added green touches to kedarnath. though the whole meeting just lasted for 15 mins , in the presence of few other , in a day or two i got a surprising call from the office of superidentent of police for rudraprayag district , as they received a forwarded note from chief minister office , regarding project kedar -solutions -that i want to present to CM. the CM has directed the district administration to go thru my proposals and asked to submit a report (first time i am fortunate to see that my letter given to CM on 1st may 2014 at his phata visit , with his remarks and goes thru various departments) by this time the CM itself has endorsed and informed me about his direction on his second visit on 25th may to guptakashi. The Badri kedar temple committee also drafted a letter by the reference of District administration to include me in their team as a volunteer which i received on 16th may 2014. the whole proposal that i submitted to SP went to DM's desk and DM was keen on the suggestions and ordered his secretary to be in touch with me to get more details , which they need to present it to CM cell .  I hereby acknowledge all this is not possible without the blessing of pujjya swamiji chidanand maharaj and grace of Guru.

Building New kedarpuri

Possibilities of check dam creation

       Need to find out the possibilities to build the check dam facilities at higher altitudes – in kanti sarovar and chorabhari lake etc
Ø  Advantages – can be monitor water inflow and water level thru satellite technology
Ø  Can be avoid lake burst kind situation and sudden flow of gallons of waters from the upper stream
Ø  Can get little time to alert the down areas if it properly coordinated and implemented with right technology
Ø  Can take the help of DRDO regarding this to create a technology – may be extend to other areas too if we find something

River canal system with high level emergency exit bridges

       3 tier canal system (protection wall) has to be build in mandhagini river  in such a way the lower canal height wil be at 30 ft ht from ground , middle will be 40 and top will be 50 ft ht from river basin
       the width of lower canal is 30 ft , middle one  another 20 ft (both sides) , top one another 20 ft (that means total canal with is 70 ft + 3 wal * 10 ft = 100 ft
       So that the overflow water from lower canal will come to next one and then to the top one
       The height of town area should be more than the top canal height
       In river saraswathi –min 2 tier canal system has to be build same way as in mandagini
       Advantage – generally by observing natural  eye view , the increase of flow in rivers , precautionery steps (evacuation) can be taken unless otherwise such as dam or lake burst condition in rainy seasons

Temple area view –proposed

       3 tier canal (protection wall ) in river
       Umberlla protection wall behind the temple
       2 tier circular parikrama around the temple  can be build  with provision of varandha’s as if in south indian temples
       High level Emergency exit bridges along the river that can take people to side mountain range incase of flood
       Emergency alarms
       Helipads for emergency rescue operations at reachable distance from the emergency exit bridges on both sides of the temple area
       Identifying the plants and involve devotees in mass tree plantation behind the temple  and  on the side mountains to create a forest and to stop the soil erosion
       Utiling the front area of the temple by creating green park with transparent roof for people to make use –like green house kind

Advantages of 2 tier  circular parikrama around the temple


In the south indian temple , square type of parikrama’s were build around main temple , in which many other temples also be fit into it
       In the ancient days , the kingdom itself build around the temple , so in the temple parikrama , they have space for stock room, darbar, people stay varandha , court etc etc will be there
       Here I am suggesting  circular parikrma  (without disturbing the temple vimana)  of 20 mt width , design in two layers (an inner parikrama and an outer parikrama) , which not only can prevent the temple but also can divert the over flow water because of the design
       This will help more people can take schelter in times of emergency ,
       Can be build by using same boulders that brought by river , and instead of cement and concrete , we can use ancient technique of lime , kadukkai , mud and little cement etc –I heard nepali labours can be done well in using these boulders like this

New kedarpuri - Why it should not be in the limpcholi area – as govt planned

       the 2 km distance in the slope pathway is difficult to walk in snow fall or rains – and now electricity also not there in path way – so difficult to come back from temple after evening arathi – I personnally experienced in oct 2013
       The above photo  taken on 4th may 2014 shows nearly 6 ft ice depositing  which made us not able to arrange any schelter for pilgrims
       The middle picture shows how temperary tents made on ice in the slope area
       The below picture was taken on 1st  of june , which shows , still the snow occupies the place so that we could not make any schelter arrangement
       Govt already planned to run electric cars or golf carts  instead if we shift to old route area  by connecting thru bridge that will be better option

Advantages of building new kedarpuri in old horse shed area (ghoda shed)

       this part for approx from 1 km to 1.5 km road is in good condition
        temple area just 500 mt walkable distance so every one can dharshan evening arathi and come back even in night
       Landscape is comparatively less slope than the helipad area (glacier points)
       If connected with high level bridges from limbcholi (across the river) on both sides of the town area – it can be put into functional

Whichever area -Plan and policy

       Clear town plan has to be made , in such a way , buildings not blocking the wind flow and water flow incase if any such come it can pass away without causing damage or casuality – even now one can see the left out buildings structure ––once water got flow area it did not damaged other buildings
       The buildings should be made in such a way , with eco friendly matereials such as prefabricated ones  with proper ventilation for air circulation  instead of huge construction by concrete or cement , so that it can be completed in short span of time , cost effective ,
       environmental issues and concerns of environmentalists also be addressed
       Only  two tier system (ground and upper flour) has to be build

How the town planning should be
the human settlement should be in proper rows and columns in such a way  there is no obstacle for wind flow or water flow –incase if it is strong or unexpectedly arrive
       the building designs should be uniform and should be like half circle kind or design of eye – so that in case if water enters the building can divert the water instead of resisting it  - so minimum damage can be ensured even if calamity strikes
       How ever the whole town area should be like semi circle type
       In the below pic u can clearly notice how the water have not affected any building once it got passage to move thru

Need of High level bridges

Instead of low level bridges that presently builded at Rambada , high level bridges has to be builded to connect the places
        between rambada
       In the chota limbcholi – to avoid going down and claimbing up again
       From there to connect at old trekking road – after the gurada chatti – just before the ghoda shed (horse shed) area
       At the end of the kedar entry point – little before to where old bridge point was there
       Emergency exit bridges across the river on the sides of the temple town to get connected – to escape the town area in quick time incase of emergency (the below pic is in kashmir build by our railways)

Procedure for implementation

       The government can announce interest free loans (75 %) and (25 % subsidy by govt) to the lodge owners so that on their name it can build and give to them , and ask them to start repay the loan after a period of 2 years handing over the building keys
       Should get the application from building owners and their legal heirs , should be build in uniform design and hand over to them

       This will reduce the time frame of construction and it can be handed over to military or BSF

t   The place(on steps of the temple)  i stand in flood waters for 45 mins , in 3.5 ft waters to my height - from the ground level nearly 15 ft 

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