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Life of Sanyasi # Nath Tradition # Being a Women # appeal for creating better stay for her

Those who can, please extend your support.

The sanyasi and maa belong to Nath Tradition. The tradition set by saint Goraknath. The maa is from Guwahati , near kamakya and the Sanyasi Shani Nath is from uttarpradesh.

Shani Nath is well known to me for the past 4 years , since I came here. My half broken hindi and his half broken English made us united and above all his keen interest on sadhana (chanting, meditation) made me feel close to heart .

In Kedarnath also , like me , many times he moves out from the crowd places to continue his chanting and meditation. After roaming Allahabad, Varanasi and other sacred places he was now back at the feet of kashi viswanath temple , Guptakashi.

Kali Maa , the purest heart also came to live at the feet of kasha viswanath. Both of them taking schelter at the (thinnai) front side open places of the temple for the past 6 months. They have very small room, where they cook and have their Prasad.
For their food , on every Saturday they goes for bhiksha to the near by villages and collects the grocessaries and vegetables from householders. In this they happily serves the other sadhu’s and sanyasi’s who are visiting the temple .

We are also in discussion as how to extend this sadhu sewa to all the sadhu’s and sanyasi’s who visits Guptakashi on travel. It is also my dream, due to my personnel experiences during my initial days when even the great and only ashram in Guptakashi , Vidya Dham , (that time manager, after 20 days suddenly one day  told not to come for bhiksha.)

But I must be so gratitude for that man, unless otherwise I can’t be stand where I am right now, I can’t be got exposed for all wonderful people whoever I met thereafter. Infact I would say, that day, he has removed my eye glasses, which brought vast sky to see in natural eyes. it is the shiva spoke thru him and guided me for the future.

Right now I committed them to work closely , so that in a few years time , they can serve all the sadhu’s and sanyasi’s , atleast one time meal and few cups of tea , if I can collect and transport the ration materials for the activity.

I have complete trust that they can deliver the same service with utmost devotion and shraddha to all the people , if Lord Viswanatha supports and blesses our team in this sacred task.

But before that, much more basic need has to be fulfilled. Both Shani Nath and Kali maa staying in these places , by occupying one side of the temple for each even in this winter.
Guptakashi -temple entrance - where Shani Nath and Kali Maa sleeping on each side of the foot steps (in the open space)

Being a women , even though it is at temple gate only, when the liquor bottles available even in remote places of himalayas, it is our concern that she need to be taken care properly. Above all sanitation facilities for her during rainy days or bitter cold. As a brother to maa, shani nath is already in search of little bigger room so that she can stay in night there itself.

But still the problem exists in different way. toilet and bathroom. You people aware of this. We are talking in many forums , even Our PM committed to bring Toilets to every home. So in this context , I told Shani nath to see some place which has bathroom facility even if it is little higher cost.

Because he has searched for a single room which is approx Rs.1000 as rent but for bathroom and toilet, there is no facility for her, in such cost. She has to come out for public toilet ( you know the condition of our public toilets much better than me) which is nearly 500 mtr distance. so I committed them, to take an house itself, so that we will get better space to keep our ration materials along with comfortable space for her to live , cook and serve to others.

Our Sanyas life , we can’t predict anything such unless we have an ashram space and our own buildings. But the ashrams that created for these purpose, to do sadhana in himalayas, by wonderful people, after they gone it all become like lodges due to the management mostly goes in the hands of family people. it is because they could not get donation from public as service and devotion get degrades. i know and experiencing such situations in almost every ashram that i visited 10 years ago during my parivarjaka days.

The only ashram in Guptakashi, Vidyadham , which was there as abode for sadhus, during the period of maharaj , now though it has bigger place called sant niwas , not even sweeping happens (not just in this room , even where guests staying rooms). They can offer one room for such people but their administration won't allow , also the other end people who given such support not know how to be there or after some time they also do same thing for new comers, because of the fear of losing what they enjoy. very few passing thru that too because of the grace of Guru.

one thing is very clear for me. The organisations which was created by many wonderful people , after 2, 3 generations they failed to carry out same tradition of transmitting the same devotion and care around life. Atleast the administrator has to create one right person during his life time. But that is very big task. 

Else how they could have opened the first church in upper himalayas, by giving loans and blankets to poor people. Even if i start one such thing, it may get distort. but the same thing should not be hindrance for our care and concern for people around me.

so I suggested to find out some house, which is 5, 10 mins walkable distance from temple. Though he welcomed the suggestion the monthly budget , committment on rent ,which may costs a rent of Rs 2500 -3000.

Shani Nath and Kali Maa - in their small kitchen - after giving bhiksha for me one night with their love and devotion
For which Shani Nath hesitated because we need to pay the rent every month in time, and its huge cost. Right now they have a space which is just, something around 6 x 6 , just cooking space. Even for which they have to pay Rs.500 per month that too it belong to an Dharmashala only.

Above all the house owner has to satisfy to offer the same. These days it is because of the belief , and in the unavoidable circumstances when we do such services to needy people, every one thinking that i have big group of people who can support me financially. they look me in disbelief ,if i say only dr maharaj given money for me to go to Rishikesh. (fact is fact , whether they believe or not, so i am not worry)

me know what death means. me lived in the situation of flood, in no minute people have floated just as bodies without life. i am not concern about who thinks what. it is that incident, moment , lord spared my life to do something. speaking about vivekanandha is easy , working like him in the present day world ....... one has to go thru all. 

thats why I committed them that I will write an article about their need and Lord viswanath will send us some one to support monthly, so that we can be at his feet and slowly build the sewa Kendra, by collecting ration materials to serve the sadhu’s and sanyasi’s.

Before we step into sewa Kendra, it is my wish that they must settle at least for a one year period, at least for a minimum of 6 months. Above all sewa Kendra needs Godown space , transportation costs which are all depending on finance. Because once we started then people will come with expectation, we can’t send them in empty hand.

So those things we kept pending till Lord send us right people and necessary materials with the support of finance. But for this, its small request , even if 5 or 6 people offer a small contribution /every month, it will help us to create a proper shelter (house on rent) for Maa to stay.

i know your question, where and how i am living. me a man , she is a women. Thats not a difference in spiritual but in social circumstances , she has the first priority in her basic needs.

for me, Lord Viswanath's lotus feet always available. a Small bedding space available. The day when he decides, he has to keep me fit enough and with a space to do Asanas, to share the schelter with any one of you (during your visit) for a day or two, to offer Prasad to the devotees of shiva, He or His devotees will find me an house for rent. :)

Right now her need is more important. 

IF anyone wish to contribute kindly request you contact in inbox. Don’t worry if I get extra amount , we can offer them for grocessaries and vegetables too.

your every single paise of donation, will not only help them to find a better place but also help them to serve for others, offering prasad to the visiting sadhu's and sanyasi's

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