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sadhu sewa -Just expressing my gratitude for these wonderful beings

Many of you aware of my posting about the needs of the 5 sadhus. To be frankly , I was little hesitant when I receive the request from them. Second to be honestly , I thought it is like asking donation for something or other at regular interval.

But nothing was planned by me. Though this concern and attitude I have since my college days, when I came here to this part of india , I never thought these things even for fraction of seconds. The post flood situation, though it exposes lot of need and demand, I also become like crippled man ,without any organization, above all the language issues. 

Infact I turned down many offers given by various people  who came for service by asking for my bank account details but given the details of various organisations who are working in this part of rehabilitation. But the time which decided to offer me an bank account in may 2014, especially when I discuss about a college girl education fees, when many organisations left by closing their basic works and the ones which are here not taken her request.

Mr.Guljarilal Nandha , the two time interim prime minister of India got compromised to open a bank account, of course for a good cause. But I kept it silent. Whenever I read (delhi)shahjahan’s post in face book, I was amazed to see him and his service to students. He is great inspiration for me to live in this part of region. Even I have not seen his face. But His slogan “ pogumidam yellam anbai vidaippom , yenganum yaraenum aruvadai seiyattum” become part of me.

Life has given me a request naturally. The first appeal which collected Rs 25000 directly given to her college on her account. But this also made expectation for next year too. I am receiving few more requests for the next year by now itself.

Later it was my concern for my children who are living in two orphanages (40 boys and 20 girls) near by Guptakashi to celebrate the Diwali with best food. Though I am in hurry for my Kedar trip , the 12000 rs donation given by 3 people , offered for these two orphanages and one family as 6000 +5000+1000 respectively.

This only lead to this third request for sadhus. Initially I thought it is very difficult. But this time also face book came up with beating hearts. 4 people given me a total donation of Rs.15025. ( Jayant Mugharjee ,kolkatta , rs.6025 +Shri. Premkumar Bangalore rs.4000+ shri. Vasanthakumar Gowndiappan, bangalore rs3000+shri. Saravanan kj chennai 2000).

I was little worried since few days back when those sadhus  not even phoned up and asked for update (they have changed the plan of returning to Guptakashi due to time delay- initially they planned to return Guptakashi around nov 16th but they extended their stay for more days in Badrinath, so it resulted in delay). Badrinath portals was closed for winter only around 28th november. so they extended their stay there.

As delay extends i thought of returning the money back to people, as they wont come back. Or i thought about other needs for poor people if incase the donors agree. But just few days ago, thru some locals they have passed information that they are going straightly to Rishikesh and asked is there any possibility to meet at Rudraprayag. But I joined with them at Rishikesh on 25th November and little bit shock to see that one more person got added in their group now. He is also travelling with them up to Varanasi.

I was shock because I felt how the money that I have in my hand is enough for those people’s needs. Because in haridwar or rishikesh i dont have that much well known contacts even to bargain. But somewhere inside me, it keeps telling that lord will take care of it. I went to the shop along with one of the sadhu, by the reference of another sadhu in their group.

In the mean time, I also spoke to a sadhu who is having a small kutiya at haridwar about their needs. He asked me to collect blankets from him and distribute to them.

When I told I will bring them directly ,somewhere he does not feel to get expose to everyone. He does this service so silently by serving to the needed and poor people’s with a support of few people. Last year he only given me the basic clothes when I landed with muddy cloths from the flood of kedarnath.  

I told him that I will come later to collect his offering  He himself offered auto charges and accommodation for me. I was quite relieved by sudden fall of Grace.

The shop keeper , where we went took us to another nepali wala shop where u can get quality materials. It was amazing to see such warm cloths. He took 2 sets of woolen pants and woolen shirts(both has fur inside). I am sure I can use this in kedarnath or badrinath also, where mercury touches – 10 in octobers.

He took one pair of glowes and woolen socks too. He also taken one set of black mota jacket. I was wondering about the materials, because first time I see such a wonderful quality. Secondly my mind also calculating about how much money.  Because in the price tag everything came as rs.699 and rs.859, like this. I am not sure whether the amount I have is enough or not?

Actually even for my bus fare from Guptakashi to Haridwar,  the doctor maharaj who doing service to people supported me for the ticket charges.  I thought for 6 sets it will come around Rs 20000. So my mind was thinking  how to manage the extra funds.

But divine intervention came as natural. Still for all the materials it came For one set ( person) it took Rs.2800. so 6 x 2800 = 16800. But I had rs.15025 only.

It seems the sadhu have already told about my finance position to the shop keeper. (he asked me how much I got as donation, I told over phone, may be later they have discussed and spoken with this shop keeper, which I am unaware). My heart beat was pumping all calculations.

Because I am not able to cut one more set. How can we say, when they travel in group. But the devotee just turned up and asked for money. I told I have only Rs.15025 and given. In no time, he smiled don’t worry swamiji, I am there. He put the balance and given to the shop.  Then he himself offered the shoes (action ) which are good for winter for all the six sadhu’s (each rs.300)

by this way all the six people got 2 set of blankets, 2 sets of woolen pants and tshirts, one jacket, one set of glows and shoes , two sets of woolen socks. i am happy at the end , rather than the money , i got the materials as we need , infact for one more additional person, that too with the leela of lord mahadeva.

Finally he asked , you have not taken anything. Do you have all? I said no problem . I have my basic needs. It is those few wonderful people given me an opportunity to serve for these sadhu’s when they given request.

The haridwar swamiji shared new blankets. In Guptakashi I got support for travel expenses. The doctor maharaj of Sri Ramakrishana vivekanandha sevashrama, Guptakashi taken the burden of travel expenses, I told.

Whats next ? he asked.  I told that the doctor maharaj want to take his childrens who are living in orphanages for a annual tour. It will expose these tribal boys the airports , musiams and other things in Delhi and Dehradun for a 4 day trip. He already requested me to support something financial for this cause. But I could not able to write article for blog  for the  Past 25 days due to poor network at Guptakashi, which I have to complete at the earliest, irrespective of what’s the outcome.

I need to write an article about this orphanage and made a request for him. That’s my next commitment. And I have committed for two sanyasis, out of which one is Maa. Both living in the thinnai (near the gate –in the open space) of kashi viswanath temple , Guptakashi.
He smiled. I have seen u in discovery channel. And offered one gift packet for me. It is my gift for you, to continue your sewa to our people.

When I came back room, I opened the gift. it was one unit of woolen pant.  Now I remember why he has choosen for me. It will help to maintain the temperature and walk freely, support for not getting cramps in calf muscles. (due to the cramps in calf muscles i was not able to walk freely for the last few days , which i am getting recover now, by consciously making myself to walk for few hours)

Thank you Jayant, prem, vasanth and saravana . It is because of you. My humble Pranams to you, who offered a glimpse to experience, how Grace functions.

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