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An appeal received for an Orphanage run by Shri Ramakrishna Vivekanandha Sewashrama

Dr. Tulsidas , who came to this kedar valley as a part of the medical team of Shri Ramakrishna Mission , which came here to serve the needy after last year tsunami floods.  The man , who got seasoned by his devotion to the footsteps of swami vivekanandha, to serve the mankind, the conditions that prevails here melted his heart and made him to decide to stay among our people.

His divine wish was supported by noble organizations and hearts , which stood behind him, to create a new society in the name of Shri Ramakrishana-Vivekanandha Sevashrama and got registered at Rudraprayag.

As soon as he registered the society, by the support of sivanandha ashram, Anandhamayi ashram and other NGO's such as GOONCH which came forward to support his medical services to the poor , he started one medical clinic at Guptakashi and serving the needy at free of cost. Also this made him to undertake and support 40 students, for their education, from the family that got affected by flood.

Through like this he able to organize the basic needs for the hostel (orphanage) for the childrens , Brahmachari Prashant Maharaj came forward to support his wish of taking care of children. He takes care of Vivekanandha Boys hostel and Mangala madam came forward to take care of Girls hostel.

And since then it keep improving to create sustainable resources to run the orphanage by itself. These boys and girls are from Kalimath valley. Which is an inside villages on the route of kalimath, Jal, Ruchmahadev and Chomasi. Kalimath is a well known sakthi peeth. Here all the three devi’s are in Ugra Roopa.

The saraswathi temple and half of the lakshmi temple washed away in the last year flash floods. The Kali devi yantra will be bring open from the underground once in a year, 8th day of Navarathiri festival. The state of these remote villages, only  the sons and daughters of the land can live here.

Many of them not even visited Guptakashi for more than a decade. Few teenage girls still not seen Guptakashi or Rudraprayag , as their life is totally within the village. The Government schools (not only here , generally in every village) I could see many of the teachers daily in the market in their school times.

Last year I happened to visit one of these schools, which don’t have teacher for English and maths more than 3 years. That too for inter college. (that’s our +2) then imagine how the life is in terms of present day needs. Yes they are on the other hand , their life style is very simple and beautiful.

Now after we establish this hostel here at this place, called Kunnu , near Kotma which is 10 km from Kalimath and 3 to 5 km from Ruchmahadev , the presence of  Brahmachari of Ramakrishna Order Shri. Prashant maharaj and few other volunteers these childrens getting tuitions for various subjects.

We doing these classes for all students ,who can come at particular time apart from students living in Orphanages. you may be wonder , how and why i suddenly using as we. first neither i asked or applied to be a full time volunteer nor they has not yet offered to included me as full time volunteer in their team. So  as outside volunteer i keep extending my support on and off on the allowed areas where they feel i can contribute. 

This is mainly due to i myself can't commit  for any one single organisation or activity as my experience and exposure is mainly in organising /coordinating and managing. Above all before such committments enter i myself committed to kedarnath and its pilgrim sewa. As a person who is a witnessee of such calamity and loss of life if i not commit, what else i can do. 

third 6 months in a year i may not be available for any other thing except for kedarnath due to its perioity. though i can create the system which can deliver what i can , without hurdle , even for this to create sufficient time and energy has to be spend. other than this due to my frequent and lengthy trips to kedarnath,  in the past , so far,  one may reluctant in handing over responsibility unless otherwise if you well exposed me in your life. 

still i would like to support what ever i can, as a postman  or bridge for you people as they came to serve my people, and community, which needs improvement in many many areas. Because it is for my children. As tamil saying " yathum oorae yavarum kelir " ( as in sanskrit " vasudev kudumbhaha ") the whole universe is my ashram and i am volunteer.  And i can't contain myself in the bondage or limited entity of an organisation. Above all neither i applied nor invited, so just happy to be an volunteer without any expectation.  

And as Life taught me to live and serve as universal volunteer, i always extend my support without any expectation, to any body who does good things for our society. Especially i agreed and committed for this request and myself committed for these two orphanage (and to an another one where 20 boys living- both run by volunteers and not by established organisations), because they are my childrens.

And only thing i can do, as a man who does not have any organisational support or proper permanent schelter, is serving by taking the news and informations to the others. You people know, it is because of you people, me able to do the postman job either it is for sadhus or for these childrens on the occassion of deepavali or support of college fees or any other things. So i am servant of Lord. which is you. :) 

Above all from my experience i learned lot only by the exposure and it made me to learn many more even now. Education does not mean just providing knowledge but also have to give them exposure beyond the books.
on deepavali day - annadhanam sponsored by one of face book friend at girls hostal

So this year we would like to take these boys and girls for a 4 to 5 day trip , which cover Dehradun, Haridwar and Rishikesh. The sight seeing will cover AirPort, Railway station, Kempty falls, hanging bridges in Rishikesh, trekking, visiting the library , natural beauty of uttarakhand etc etc.

Though Sivanandha ashram came forward to offer the accommodation and food but still we may require a minimum of 50000 Rupees for travel and other expenses.  In this trip totally 40 students (20 boys and 20 girls) and their guardians and few volunteers making it.

As we would like to start on 25th dec and complete for new year , which is their winter holidays period, those who wish to contribute please support us before 15th dec , so as to do further arrangements. 

Doctor Tulsidas made a appeal for me to support whatever I can , collect from face book friends. Those who wish to contribute this noble cause, please inbox me for the banking details.

Every small contribution is welcome with gratitude

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