Wednesday, 1 October 2014

An Appeal – for Diwali

Diwali, the festival of light is one of the greatest celebrations in our country and culture. Irrespective of its mythology or belief, new clothes and crackers will bring the smile in every one’s life, especially among children.

Though the flood in Mandagini River just lasted 20 to 25 minutes only, but the wounds caused in the local people’s life in Kedar valley is not yet get cured.

Though I am going to Kedarnath in few days , I would like to come down and celebrate  Diwali with a group of children whom affected by last year flood and living in orphanages.

These children migrated here from interior villages to continue their education, after their family got affected by the loss of their father or some earning person in the last year flood.

As a first attempt of such kind in my life, after i decided to move to Himalayas since 2011. I decided to offer them a few set of new clothes and one day special dinner. It is estimated a budget of Rs.2000 per boy or girl, Rs.3500 per volunteer (gents and ladies).

There are nearly 200 affected children living around Guptakashi. But I have identified 50 boys and 30 girls who are living in few hostels(orphanages) in this initial phase.  Apart from this there are 10 Gents and 5 ladies who are serving for them in this noble cause.

Apart from this, For the Diwali Dinner cost, I expect donors for one girl’s hostel and  2 no’s of boy’s hostel. (Rs.5000 for each)

Only because finance and economics, past 3 yrs I preferred to stay out of these kind of social projects. But when life toppled them with such huge wave of flood, as a survivor and witnessed of Himalayan tsunami at Kedarnath itself, I could not able to restrain myself without reaching them.

That’s why I came down in my policy, to bring the joy in these faces. As children of your family, as a brother and sister who are wishing them for better life, I kindly request you to support the cause by sponsoring at least one person or one thing of your choice.

Initially I thought of asking clothes but later I discarded because of wastage of cost in transportation. Above all each cloth will be in different quality, so I thought of collecting donation and do it uniformly for every child.

Those who wish to share their joy and colors with these people, kindly requesting you to send your donations.

You also can come forward to donate generously for this noble cause in the following bank account, along with an email

Now only I am realizing the use of that local devotee’s offering (bank account). A bank account not for our life, you can use it for reaching out other life's too. Earlier the same is useful to support a college girl’s education.

those who interested to donate your joy and light on diwali kindly msg me either in mail or in fb for bank account details

Kindly circulate this letter among your friends and relatives, so as to share a colorful moment with these children.

please come forward to contribute whatever you can, in case if you can't sponsor for a child or a volunteer totally

Bow down to you. Pranams.

Swami Sushantha

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