Wednesday, 21 December 2011

from somebody's post - the courage -what it means

Sadhguru cites an anecdote. Three generals from the US Army met on a tour of the Grand Canyon. The first General bragged about the courage and obedience in his battalion, and boomed, "Private Peter". Private Peter came running. The General pointed at the Grand Canyon and said, "Leap across the canyon, NOW!" Private Peter ran full speed and took off. You know where he landed.

The second general laughed. "That's nothing. See this. Trooper Higgens!," he yelled. Higgins arrived. "Fly across the canyon." The man flapped his hands, and you know what happened.

The third general kept quiet. "What about yours?" they asked. "Hey you," he said to one of his men. "See that river down below? I want you take this message to the headquarters. Go down the canyon, cross that river and go." The soldier looked down and said, "General, it looks like you have been at your whiskey again. I'm doing no such stupid thing."

"See?" said the third general, "This is real courage."

So be a little more courageous in your friendships. Be ready to lose them. If you care about your friends, you must do what is good for the other; not just for yourself

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