Thursday, 23 January 2014

The offering

The fire that got lit
Burn me from inside

The orange flames of that
Splits out the ashes of my foolishness

The ignorance of the thirsty
adds life and make it craving 

Tired of knocking the doors with ignorance
made me to Surrender at his lotus feet 

The one who with his presence and absence
Is gracing by accepting and receiving my offering

when everyone has precious jewels to offer you
me, Just have the flesh and blood to offer him

who will offer it with pride
which even the death don't want to take it

But me will do -because
its the root of my ego and ignorance

because its has room for being aware and joy too
because it can be a temple for him to grace

oh my prana natha

by coming to receive
grace the life moment

by receiving the offering
empty  the chariot and enter into me

swami sushantha

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