Thursday, 19 May 2011

As Abirami battar says -what else i need

epd;Wk; ,U;eJk; fple;Jk; ele;Jk; epidg;gJd;id
vd;Wk; tz';FtJ cd;kyh;jhs; vGjhkiuap;d;
xd;Wk; mUk;bghUns mUns cikna
,kaj;J md;Wk; gpwe;jtns mHpahKj;jp Mde;jnk

Tamil Transliteration

nindrum irundhum kidamdhum nadandhum ninaippadhu unnai
enrum vanunguvadhu unmalarththall ezhu thamaraiyin
ondrum arumporu le arule umaiye imayaththu
andrum pirandhavale azhiyamuthi aanthame


In States inanimate, frozen, dead and wakefulness
You are the anchor of my mind! 
Thy feet ridiculing the flower Lotus soft
Are the targets of my salutation! 
The essence of the divine commandments unwritten! 
Daughter of the serene Himalayas! 
Hey Uma the graceful, the ultimate reality
Ye everlasting Bliss and heavenly Abode! 

Simple Meaning: 

Abhirami! You are beyond comprehension; grace is your form; you were born in the Himalayan Mountain; you are immortal bliss; you are immersed in the rare Vedas; whether I am going strong or weak or defeated, whatever be the state I meditate on you only; I worship your feet only.

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