Tuesday, 13 August 2013

15th Aug 2013- The Black day for India- not to protest but to purify myself corrupt free

Why  I call this as black day in Indian history ?

1.  Past 10 years the nation was plundered by coalition politics by various scams , one after another , to the shock that whether the government is just doing only scam.

2.  All the political parties in parliament are so united and together not to pass strong lokpal or women’s bill or to protect political parties from the orbit of RTI or to pass amendment in parliament against SC verdict on disqualification of lawmakers when convicted

3.  The Regional political parties or national political parties claiming and functioning as pseudo-secular , vote bank politics and making citizens  as fools

4.  The PM is just inactive and not brave enough to speak or to take responsibility either for his corrupted ministers or scams

5.  The PM accepting in the media, scam is part of coalition politics , and still stick to post without shame , lost all his creditability

6.  When the india is going to ahead of next general elections, the political parties just playing petty politics based on caste, religion instead of Growth and inclusive community living in harmony

7.  When the central government questions and suspecting the creditability of  government bodies such as CAG, IB,CBI whenever their report or findings turns against either the government or politicians

8.  When cases of corruption done by any politicians simply drag and drag for years and years

9.  When still citizens of india going abroad for jobs still suffer in middle east or eastern countries by cheatings and live in jail

10.              When the students and educated people not willing to stand up change the system but selling their vote for cash

tomorrow I decided not to celebrate the independence day, but be in silence and with black batch not to protest anybody but to awake this nation with new flood of blood with high standard and moral in public life.

I don’t want to make any stunt of any kind in public road. I sincerely wish that this glorious land has to raise to its ancient spiritual height and wheels of dharma has to roll back.

I want to spread the awareness as the father of this nation did in non-violence , so that not only corrupted and polluted politicians throw out of their post , irrespective of their party, and corruption can throw out from people’s mind.

So that every man who born and belong to live in harmony and well being .

Don’t worry I have not insulted the independence day because that has not yet come to the people of this land . Its just the administration transferred from Brittish people to Corrupted Robbers.

its upto you , i am not going to suggest either to share or to promote or to protect your civil rights

it is up to you , either to allow these corrupted politicians to sell this country once again to foreigners or to save this land for your children wellbeing and future

it is up to you , either are you going to set yourself with high standards of moral in public life or just keep functioning from your corrupted mind

nothing creditably can be done in this country unless you bring necessary awareness among people and create a strong base , by working every village and corner of this land , silently

do you want to join with me or not ?  is upto you. let us work together with the technology available to us.

i am not going to fight in roads but i wish to work silently like the river simply flows from mountain and enrich the life around it without any expectation

i am not going to do anything against anyone or any political party or any politicians but they are not wrong it is just we have not set ourself moral standard for public servants . we have not handled our freedom as and with gratitude for those who gave their life as price for it.

we allowed every politician to spend in crores and crores to contest in elections . is any human is fool to spend such amount , without knowing whether they will win or not , and not guaranteed for second term again in their life to throw such money in ocean

though such huge corruption hit daily news , every citizen willing to settle within their compounds, not willing to protest , not willing to function intelligently , not willing to fight without damaging public property ......still dream

also i don't want to create a revolution as history already proved it has not brought well being to its people , may be it just replaced one by another tyrant.

the land faced such plundering , no proper freedom or rights for its citizens under invaders rule in past. But today it facing same situation under the rule of our own leaders who claims parlimentarians

though lot of scams happened , lot of cases pending in court till today not a single politician or bureaucrat has been convicted

i don't want to fight foolishly without bringing necessary awareness among citizens about their rights against these corrupted network which consists of politicians who want power, bureaucrats who want to enjoy the previlage of misusing the power, the businessman's who just need wealth -- not concern either for their mother land or for their people

how many of you know the procedure to claim your own medical insurance at the time of you need , for which you paying the premium for many years. you people know the answer

our forefathers blamed invaders ,ofcourse it is fact on that day but whom we are going to blame for this deterioration today. Are we going to blame politicians or system or grahas etc etc but we only voted na. we still violating small small traffic rules for our convenience is it not . we managed with traffic rules they managing with country's highest platform . Thats all

I don't want to fight with anyone or work against anybody or any party because there exists no enemy  but i want to bring more awareness to myself and take responsibility for my nation and my people wellbeing and future.

so i decided to observe black day to start the process with myself . As a step to purify myself , to keep myself corrupt free i am not going to celebrate tomorrow the independence day . Instead i observe it as black day to move to the day of light and love 

as a process of this , tomorrow 6am to 6 pm , i will be on fasting and chanting or be in silence or be in meditation as my external situation allows. i start this with invocation of divine blessings and end with invocation of divine blessings . 

you also can join if u willing . you can do the invocations as per your religious and known rituals as you exposed. you can do it anywhere you want.

if we want to work together , by using the present day available technology to bring and spread this awareness , let us join our hands and work systematically, then you come into my contact

i feel i have taken a step towards my responsibility .what about you ?

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