Thursday, 1 August 2013

Are you not ashamed of educated?

1. all political parties, including congress and BJp - going to oppose the supreme court verdict -about disqualification of MP's and MLA's once convicted
2. all political parties speaking they want to support women's bills- 33 percent - but the bill is been pending more than decades
3. the congress led government is bringing amendment to RTI act , to exclude political parties and CBI under RTI act, supported by all parties
4. we will support congress to pass FDI bill in Parliament , but we are against the bill, because it will uproot smaller traders and we will depend on foreign companies only  and we wont allow the foreign companies to start in our state
5. we can't reduce poverty mark so we change poverty calculation method to show you that we improved
6. No party , either congress or BJP or anyone is willing to bring stringent LOKPAL
7. in last december , that girl become victim in delhi , you people came to road but law has not yet come in parliament , not even verdict in court
8. common wealth games case, 2G case, coal gate case, 3G case, etc etc -all happening happening but never verdict will because our honorable prime minister's coalition dharma - shame to be even ordinary citizen

so if u want to be member of parliment

u must be a criminal, neither u nor ur party will be questioned by anyone , and from the looting money we will throw the bread , eat and live without shame

wait , wait don't blame politicians

because he spends nearly 50 lakhs to get ticket from his party and 50 lakhs to give donations to you and 50 lakhs for his adipodi expenses to work -- he is not a fool

it is you, the people are idiot , because you only getting money for vote and gave this freedom to them by selling your rights

Are you not ashamed of educated ?

what for you waiting ?  do you think ur god will come and save you , never dream because its you sold yourself , by your votes for cash , so no god can save you

And they are cleverly  playing, religious, caste based politics to keep you fight yourself

bargain your and your house votes for cash and gifts to vote for your party , ofcourse you will not feel ashamed , because we are not adding SALT in our food

i am asking the young blood, educated people, are you not ashamed of living under these corrupted politicians

S i know as indivitual we can't do much and i am not supporting to come and fight in road but we can create a strong bond and group by using the technology and we can educate people , bring necessary awareness about morals and standards in public life

we need to do this . and we can make this ganga flow across the nation

if u ashamed , then share this

if u not ashamed good , sorry i don't know fools language , pardon me

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