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" Vazhipokkanai " # Yatra # 4th August # Blessed Bhiksha from him # A day to remember in wonderful way

4th August

A year contains only  365 days. So in life only 365 top priority days can be. Though every year same English calendar day comes, still when one feels a very significant thing happened or  he achieved  a mile stone it become so so important .

And thus made the day unforgettable even after the death. As 2nd august brought him in my life, the 4th august also carries very very significant , that too in association with him

I am referring just has him, because I feel I have not yet attain the purity and sacredness to utter that sacred word to refer him in my life. In these 45 years, since my memory remembers events and with him is more stronger  and overdose in a kind.

The cocktail of grace and love made me to experience bliss and bless together. 4th august is one such . and that too it is the first 4th august in this millennium. S its 4th august 2001 that I refer.

Almost we seven of us, are in the last phase of our trip. Though we started to Amarnath, with his blessings  , till this day I have not yet dharshaned the Amarnath because of the twists of life moments.
The day becomes significant for all 7 of us, because we choosed that day  to exercise our process of getting bhiksha , a sacred one as advised by him on the streets of Haridwar.

How I went and how I got , let me write separately  in another time. But I feel blessed to have this day in my memory and life because of his presence and absence , and with bliss and grace , with fruits to become fruit of his tree

Though we are not aware of that significance day at that time of leaving for bhiksha, few hours later we realized it is the day of Raksha Bandan, when the leela yatri bhavan manager sharmaji blessed with the Pooja Prasad.

The day that they choose to tie the Rakhi to their closest one, to express the strong bond in their relation. No wonder we also be choosened that day by him, to bless with his bhiksha.

Thank you swami’s to be with you on this glorious day in my life to share his bhiksha. Hope it will be wonderful day to remember in wonderful way  for them too.  

Sorry…………….. I just bow down to you….. I have no worth to utter your sacred nama but still I request you to keep me in your fold and at your feet always

Here the article featured that time in forest flower , 2001 november. 
me wrote about our yatra and Swami Nisarga wrote about the sacred process in english , ofcourse me standing in road after returning back with his bhiksha and blessings in very less timing. swami nisarga took this photograph.

the following article is reposted for convenience

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