Monday, 7 October 2013

Dilip - the one i shared lot of life moments


the name and person never remembered nor forget at any moment so far since i met him in 1996 because he become part of me.

when he and his brother (swami aloka) entered in ashram for teachers training in jan 96.

shared life moments a lot and lot more worth which no one can ever imagine.

still remember he doing his kriya after reaching out coimbatore very late from coonoor initation in night. played together cricket in the yoga centre grounds. the singanallur office witnessed us lot , how one can forget?

the trust and faith he expressed is so melting. the devotion he showed is unmatchable. he only intruduced his best father and mother to me , whom i never forget and always seen as divine couple.

As his appa , he also had wits and jokes joyfully. managed lot and contributed lot for isha and for me. learned lot from him. shared many many things with him.

now i am reminding myself , i am choosen to be ascetic (sanyasi) not to worry or cry for what i lost . many things i earned many things i lost but few ....... i can't lost . these things will be in my every cell till my last breath ,may be i will carry even after

the early days of his wheezing problem i still remember. whatever i say about him, no one can get anything , even miniscule of what it is

but i know one thing , whether its life or death , sadhguru will take care

my last meeting with him is on the day of baba ramdev visit to yoga centre. after that we did not got opportunity , our work, to see each other . but i know as i carry him, he will also carried us .

but somehow he decided to drop but i not yet able to….

I bow down to you Dilip

I can’t say I am missing you ,because I am still carrying your presence and absence someway in my every expression

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