Thursday, 31 October 2013

oh my dear "YOU"

These days my feelings are so strange for me . don’t know what exactly it conveys to me. Sometimes I feel all my projects , desires will never get accomplish and gives me I am a failure in action. Other times I feel the only project is about me , just empty , no goal or no projects and gives me feel of complete and whole.

Wants to roam around the world just as a butterfly. But at the same time wants to sit in one place just like the rock unmoved for beyond time.

Wants to experience all nonsense in the world but at the same time feeling nothing is there to experience .

Keep working all the 24 hours in such a way I not even able to forget I am in sleep . but lost myself in my dreams and desires .

Wants to tell every one , that this may be my last msg to you but every message gives opportunity to say that .

Flood of memories not able to segregate whether it is reminding myself or not able to forget myself, making me to feel living in old age beyond the time.

Eyes is flooding in tears always in benevolence but still that one hand reminding me life beyond death.

If there is any innovation happened in the world , let me know whether it will express me.

Know nothing will express me , except me , but keep trying to express me within myself.

Please pardon my mistakes and me also . want to offer the myself to you but everytime I try I am getting fail.

May be in that moment , I don’t have time or expression to convey this to you or anyone . that’s y I am communicating now and here and you.

Because this “YOU “  is always plays greater role in mylife in every possible way  beyond my understanding.

Like “me” I could not found expression for this “YOU” but still I could feel this “You” is everywhere , so close to me , so far from me.

A moment will come but “I” will not be there to express that moment because this “YOU” will found its own expression

If “You” found your expression then compassionately remind me that its “YOU” not “me”

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