Wednesday, 30 October 2013

sharing another poem written by vijay

Helpless Human

When Hapless life pushes us
to the edge of despicable state
When we desperate ourselves to solve
all the problems, we create

When we are forsaken by all those
whom we loved and cared
When we are not able to pursue
all that we once dared

When we feel cursed not to have
all that others enjoy in ease
When we feel the need for a magic wand
so that all our problems could cease

When we choose ourselves to play god
and go much out of control
When we forget the fact that we are
just a part, compared to the whole

I sought endless help in All
to bring my helplessness to a stall
I watched all my attemps fall
who leapt once, now made a crawl

Helpless man exists not for any reason
Fact is the other way around
Helplessness exists coz the man exists
himself caught self-bound

Try losing the idea of self
let life flow through as we allow
Why would we look for all the above ?
If we had already fallen in now
sharing the post & written by vijayragavan in his blog

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