Friday, 22 April 2011

in Bhaja Govindham - Adi Sankara

-+jaTilo muNDii luJNchhitakeshaH
kaashhaayaambarabahukRitaveshhaH .
pashyannapi cana pashyati muuDhaH
udaranimittaM bahukRitaveshhaH .. (14)

$onyh Kz;o Y}";rpjnf#
fh#hak;gu  gQ%f;fpujnt#
g#;ae; egprd g#;ajp =nlh
cjuepkpj;jk; gQ%f;fpujnt#


There are many who go with matted locks, many who have clean shaven heads, many whose hairs have been plucked out; some are clothed in saffron, yet others in various colors — all just for a livelihood. Seeing truth revealed before them, still the foolish ones see it not. Stanza attributed to Totakacharya.

,iwtid czUtjw;fhf rpyh; $lhKo tsh;f;fpd;wdh;. rpyh; bkhl;il aoj;Jf; bfhs;fpd;wdh;. rpyh;  fh#ha  t!;j;jpuj;ij mzpfpd;wdh;. rpyh gytpjkhd fyh;fspy; cilfis mzpfpd;wdh;.  ,it vy;yhnk btWk; tapw;Wg;gpiHg;gpw;fhf kl;Lnk. rj;jpakhdJ vg;nghJnk ek; Kd; tpahgpj;J epw;fpwJ Mdhy; xU Kl;lhs; mij fz;lhYk; czUtjpy;iy.

Note :- this should not be understood as sankara says both sanyasi and samsari is same . Here he describes from the state of hightened awareness. here he talks about the importance of  attaining the state within otherwise no use of what ever role u take in outward world. The strengthening point for this , the same adisankara sung few verses in "kowpeena panchagam" a song which talks about the glory of beings who live just with loin cloth

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