Friday, 15 April 2011

what a wonderful day ?

when i announced viradham for velliangiri , in the first batch 21 devotees came forward and kick started the yatra in this dimension. the first 2 and half days class is beyond my words and understanding. it happened in chitrai chavadi ashram (ramakrishna vivekanandha ashram) . till now i could not able to understand . But when swami of that ashram shared on the last day, i was just in tears and gratitude to my beloved guru who made it happen this in my life. any one can understand if i repeat his own words ,  he said, it was my initial days with my guru (his guru swami chidbavanandha) in this place i was in ecstatic by  his presence and speech. now after long time ,again i felt that and remembered my guru's presence in the last 3 days. .
no need to say it is none other than my beloved guru who made this happen inspite of my limitations and understanding.   in the next time , though this ashram is good enough for us, we moved to Gudalur, in november month, due to number of participants raised to 44 and in need of better toilet facilities.  now we again moved to one big mandapam(hall) in the coimbatore city and enrollment also doubled to 88.  i could feel the momentum getting speed not only in participants numbers, and also in the space and grace of my beloved guru.
infact , now i engaged in organising other activities also , we are distributing nearly 25000 pocket cards, 50000 orange toffiees in the hills, and 50000 ranbaxy volini shashes in the velliangiri foot hills apart from running first aid camp.But if i look at myself , i must accept sincerely , i don't know how it is happening or how i allowing things to happen
all i can say it belongs to him
as abirambi battar says, whether i stand , sit , be myself  just thinking about you and being with you , everlasting blissfull ness
what else can i say?
every moment of these days are so sweet and has life of its own
bow down at your lotus feet

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  1. சுவாமி, கூகிள் ( ) மூலம் தமிழ் டைப் செய்யுங்கள் . மிகவும் எளிமை, நல்ல அனுபவமும் கூட.

    மேலும் தமிழில் எழுதுவது நன்றாக reach (good impact) ஆகும்.
    உதவிக்கு என்னை அழைக்கவும்