Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Forget and Forgive ------ how significant in one's life

Forget and Forgive

Using these two things many quotes available as many people saying .  Why these two words got so much importance  in our life ?

Whatever be our expression it is just carrying Our thoughts and emotions of that moment and which are interconnected. And both these aspects is result of impact that we had in our moments, in our relations etc so in many moment our response becomes retaliation.

That’s why though at many times our intentions are fine , just an expression of a word in certain emotion or in an boiling situation, have deep impact or create huge resistance between people and will carry for life time.

Because he/we not able to digest what has been said , or he/we feel as if insulted , he/we feel as if some injustice happened to them/us so it resulted in life long hatred unless life and time heals by itself.

This is , we not able to forget that strongest moment where our emotions are in peak. When our adrenaline is so high. Adrenaline can be taken to high even while you play with high intensity and involvement in a game , that’s different aspect. Because it is not the same effect of hatred, unless  if few incidents  happened  between two individuals  at some point of  in the interest of winning but failed .

So coming to the point , our thoughts and emotions are also connecting some frequency of wavelength or vibration – which makes some one to feel.  We all could have experience the moments , with out having any reason or not knowing anything about the person , still on first sight we may have resistence to him/her. This they call it because of the vibrations expressed by the human being.

To create the right vibration in our presence and in our expressions , this culture has invented various tools , which is basically to handle our emotions or channelizing our emotions by turning to highest dimension of life , which u named it as God or Guru or something .

Now if u erase this imprint within you , its vibration also lost its frequency , so the other person also slowly forget what happened in the past moment . It gives us a new platform to function together with new understanding and also with the lesson of old. This is possible only if we totally forget , that we feel as injustice or that made us to hate for the reason .

But forgiving , I wont accept because here u first make a prejudice of thought , that the other person is did mistake or crime , otherwise you can’t do it.  Though their actions , expressions created harmful within us or in situation , every body is functioning from wht they know as their best at that moment.

Also these differences , these moments only brings the hidden treasure from within us. If you feel that way, the other person knowingly or unknowingly plays a significant role in our life, for us to mature enough or for us to be in fullest possibility  of  founding our inner strength.

If one realizes this , he/she will be naturally be in gratitude for the other person , whom u feel have done injustice for you

Let us learn to be in the principle of  Forget and be Gratitude. So not to forgive ,those who done harmful or injustice to you in your perception but be gratitude because they only changing the direction of how you have further travel .

The choice is you can travel with joy or with hatred to them. That’s all.

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