Thursday, 26 September 2013

Smashanawasa - in the burial ground


treading in the dense forest
not know where i heading
every moment death is near
but the life around makes me joy and ecstatic

not really know which is death , which is life
but whenever i move , i feel life
whenever i does not , i feel death
same people same places but nothing is same as it was
no one knows that I am alive
but my struggle under the beneath of earth reminds me I am alive
the  emptiness brought by mandagini
making me to get lost in that
but me now know how to carry this one within me

no one knows to interpret or penetrate this emptiness –except one
any one tries will get suck in
but the one who knows is just vast emptiness
where I also be just a victim for what he has
but still I will pop up with life and grow like banyan
which will give shelter for many many lifes
may be it will become burial ground for few also

I am neither this or that 
i am just i am 
you may call it as whichever you life
but even the word “ empty” is lie
i become silent because i dont know how to call me

swami sushantha

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