Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Gayle # the moment # the bowlers # dot ball deliveries

every body praising chris gayle . S of course he deserved . it is his day . and when a batsman get this confidence , no one can stop him . As a bowler i know well . As the team mates no one will blame the bowlers.  we simply respect him because it is his day . his moments.  game is not conquering about the other person or other team but winning your own moment

Hey gayle , though i appreciate your performance but you are still below par for your standard  because you allowed 18 dot balls in the 66 balls you played . S it is enough that 48 balls to score this much but hates off you man , to respect the bowlers that 18 dot balls delivered to you, which shows their quality and confidence

i appreciate them because they got this credit , from a man like you
, that too when you are really  at  your best 

I appreciate their committment and believe on themselves , that till the last ball they did not give up their effort to get your wicket

I appreciate their skill because the more and more you smashed them , the better and better they bowled to you , else those 18 balls never possible

if they not tested you with their varieties you can't but they respected and bow down to you because you conquered your moment unknowingly , so they failed to the moment , though it seems they failed to you . Because you represented the moment by not giving a chance to them or to their fellow fielders

A sehwag , a yuvaraj , a Richards, a tendulkar, only few players like you can do this .  may be yet many others will arise . but they will remember you because you made it possible for them also to believe. 

And these bowlers made it possible for other bowlers to believe still we can bowl 18 dot ball deliveries among 66 ( which is 27 % )

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