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need your support and blessings -for a girl to pay her college fees

Now it has been nearly 1 yr , no income for anyone in kedar valley. Yet beedi, gudka, liquor sales has not come down even in dev bhoomi.

That’s how generally the men’s life no matter where he is. On the other hand women’s life is not like that. She has to adjust many things for her children. She has to work and take care her children even if husband refused to go to job. This is not just in india . except in western countries this is the reality.

In kedar valley , so far I neither collected any funds for any organization nor I recommended any organization to support. I have always included all who come to help my people. I always said about good works done by them. so i left it to each one's choice as whom they want to donate.

even for me till now , though so many offers come from wonderful people to reach out my needs , i always turned it down. i have never asked anyone except to him , within me. still all my needs slowly fulfilled by his grace without single paise.

Since the disaster ,Nearly 8 months the former chief minister shri vijay baguguna’s rule is much pathetic than any disaster. Nothing has been done even to basic standard. just only in speech and speech.

Due to policy changes and adhoc management many NGO’s helplessly tied their hands and did little instead of what they could really do. many of the people and Ngo's feel as Enormous funds has been wasted. 

Today 4th june 2014 , almost just one week for anniversary day , the Hindustan times reported about shifting of stones behind the Kedarnath temple . But its tooooooo late.

Don’t know what the forthcoming rainy season is going to give chance for us, which is barely just few weeks from now. On the other hand many of the Ngo’s also not delivered to their full potential due to various factors.

No one know how much fund come for each ngo (which initially called for donations) and how much they converted into field. None of the prefabricated house has been given to any victim so far. the freebie's given by NGO's made others who not got affected by flood , in greedy.

Inspite of all odd’s the womens and girls make the wheel running beautifully. They participating many employment schemes run by various organizations and Ngo’s. it is really positive side.

I too working with few wonderful people on creating a hospital in this area. I have dream to create a library too , both digital library and traditional one to plant the reading habit and few thoughts beyond the subject books.

Now one request I received for girl’s education. actually i pushed them to give request, but on seeing their dignity of not asking anyone but still going thru the hardest phase of life, i decided to support to whatever extent i can.

just one year ago these people are considered as the family of karna. but just one day made them as penniless . 

Anamica karnataki,(roll no 7) studying second year in Bachelor of Ayurvedic science at Uttaranchal ayurvedic college ,at dehradun, a course to become ayurveda doctor , resident of kedar valley need to pay her college fee of Rs.1,10,000 need to be pay by july

Her father is taken care of 20 families who are working under him. all these are past now. But the last year disaster made him penniless. there are lot of people like this.  When his condition itself like this I no need to tell about the families who working under him or others who just going for jobs in the season time.

It is she who I met first in 2012, she convinced few people and supported me to have schelter without any single paise because of her little english speaking and understanding skill.

though it is study for ayurveda doctor, in this part it has good value. And still we can't imagine a girl becoming ayurveda doctor inspite of hurdles she faces here on day today basis. 

Similarly monika , a 7th class student in the village of kotma , which is an interior village in 15 km distance, who not even have a proper headband and just live with 2 sets of cloth. I happened to interact with her during my stay of 2 days.

There is another girl in same region waiting to stop the education (awaiting her +2 result) due to no money mostly in the edge of ending her education. But still her smile on face not ended.

People like swami dr thulasidass , brahmachari prashant dedicated their life by deciding to stay in this region from the organization , who are came from Ramakrishna mission ,and decided to live among us and for us.

We have initiated a tution centre for these students to teach maths and English. The near by inter school don’t have teacher for these subjects for the past 4 years.

Each one of you know how we talk about women’s education.

I can refer these people to big big names and organizations. But my experience with those stopping to do . Because they are not poor people like we see. but the life made them as poor. yet living with dignity by not asking.but still i could not able to think to stop the girl's education due to money. they will get the support by some way. the world is not depending on me. but i want to contribute my blessings to her atleast in little way.

in this valley the only college is at augusthiamuni which is nearly 25 to 30 km for all village. they need to travel min 2 hours to reach. by the time they return back they cant get vehicle for their village from guptakasi. so girls generally stops her education. boys some how make it a degree which is not even give the 12th standard knowledge and exposure that a boy gets in other sectors.

anything if you want to do its you only have to do. everybody /every organisation has its goals and agenda. since i don't even have an bank account or not working in any banner many times i just guide the people to relevant persons or organisations. 

But generally i can't get smiley faces because of various factors involved in it. so when we discuss these kind of incidents with few wonderful locals , when they insisted to start an organisation , which politely turned down (i know the depth and demands) in these cases i told them what i can do , whom does not have an bank account, i simply passes thru wind

So when i go thru life like this few wonderful people have created an account for me too so that i can collect your blessings and decorating their future , whenever possible and whatever we can, also can be as free as i am without the burden of organisation or positions.

though it is just for social purpose , to control the funds and to ensure the purpose of support i agreed to be in my name for time being, as we are working together for few other things.  Those who interest can deposit whatever you can. I can just transfer to those who needs it. 

also this could be a possibility for many wonderful beings whom i met here, to feel that they could do something for me. because doing something for my people is also doing for me. what else i need ?

if i need money or donation or organisation or position i can create by now , for that i have all necessary experience and exposure. but i choosed to be like this. but at the same time when time offers some possibility , if i not convert into reality , i will miss the possibility of reaching out others. i want to do it just as gratitude for the one who reached me out. so i accepted the offer.

Account details

Name :- swami sushantha
SB account no: 
Branch : Guptakashi
Bank : Punjab national Bank
IFSC no:- PUNB0786300    (please not to deposit hereafter as we deposited the collected amount to the student's account - 04/07/2014)

Please mention your details such as name, address ,how much deposited , when ,(as to anamica) , mobile number (if u want) or mail id  to the mail id

Noble hearts can bless the girl to continue her education. 

Update :_ 
on this request the following people donated and the donation has been deposited in the college bank account , uttaranchal ayurvedic college, Punjab National Bank , Dehradun,a/c no 1175000110113951)

sharmila     -         Rs. 2000
piraisudi     -          rs   2000
Rm senthilkumar -   rs. 5000
subbarao devaraj -- Rs. 10000
velawan malasiya - Rs 5000
vijay usa             - Rs 1000  totally rs 25000 deposited in bank - in college bank account on 4/7/2014 

as the last date (7th july 2014) is nearing , i deleted my account details . pranams

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