Wednesday, 11 June 2014

the moment with a dream

What can I call it , either Devotion or Deception ?

The moment is very tiny time . even it has not last till we utter the word moment. But it has million things in it. It has everything that’s possible to fit into it. infact nothing is impossible to fit into it. Sometimes its impact lasts for many moments in the journey of time.

Yesterday one such moment  I encountered. For a change , for evening walk I and my friend just went out in haridwar. On the way , there is a father and daughter was standing in the road , in front of a sweet shop, where just in front a extension of shop selling badam milk.

They are just few feets away from the shop. The father is just doing traditional namaskar to everyone who comes out of the shop by saying some thing like hari ohm, ohm namo narayan etc etc . I could not stand and watched him , what he does. But I can get it from his gesture.

I just watched him when my friend goes to near by shop to purchase something. My friend is on his way to his town. He just accompanied me  , just to be with me for some time.

The girl child is around 12 to 13 age. Both of them may be come for their pilgrimage . may be the father wants her daughter also a glimpse of yatra experience. Don’t know whether her mother also accompanied or not . I could not find any other women in near by area.

The man’s luggage clearly told that he is in yatra. Simple luggage. Both of them neat and clean too. But the father did not look like begger too. Just may be he exercise as part of his yatra ritual or may be he run out of money which made him to stand like that with expectation for divine blessings.

No one is looking at them. I know both of them are so hungry. But my thought is upon the girl. What she will do in the road , especially in nights. What is the protection for her? Will her father protect her ? how far a father can protect and support her , especially when she in the edge of her needs are very subtle ? will her father give her good education?

What is such kind of devotion ? in which scripture it is been told that a family man , giving good education and better future to your child and family is less than pilgrimage? I have seen in my family , my mother told many times , that she won’t allow others to take on travels especially when she is in the age of transformation. How her mother and relatives allowed her that too with her father , like this , to a stage to stand in road for something to eat.

Why they have to stand like this in night just for their food? Is this the religious books saying? Will the world and people treat the girl child who is standing in the road , with same devotion? Like this many thoughts keep going within me.

In the time of waiting for my friend, who is still in his purchase I went to the shop , to enquire how much it costs for the milk? The owner told one glass of milk is Rs. 25

I told him , will it be possible to give them each one glass of milk , and I will ask my friend to give money. May be he would have been noticed them long ago. He agreed and instructed the staff to give two glass milk.

By the time I came back , my friend started searching me. He enquired where I went ? I told about what I saw. He was happy to share my pain and blessed me with payment to the shop owner to fulfill my commitment.

I could witness the girl and her father walking with glass of milk . there is not a single communication happened between us. But they know its me I ordered their milk. They may think whichever way as if god came to fulfill their need or whatever.

But I know I am very ordinary being. Its really blessing I had a friend who I met just few days before. It time we need to go our destinations.

I moved to next moment with the residue of that moment. Who will take care of her education? Who will take care of her , if her father takes her like this , that too in the edge of her transforming age? Who will protect her from evil elements ?

Whose fault it is , who has not created any system so that every boy or girl can get their education and protection in their development stage.
Night spreads its carpet. But the questions remains.

The mind is fully about the girl . somewhere I feel I am handicapped. i just got satisfied with what i can give her at that moment. no other way for me.

I want to see a day , before my death, all my childrens has to get free and good education. Especially the girl children has to get additional protection. The future mothers will deliver right people to the world.

Every city should have a group of people , whose heart can beat for others. Who can create free education and protection for girls.

We create….

my heart beats with pain , my face smiles with love and he is living with me

my yatra continues……

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