Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Its 3rd June - your day viji akka- happy birth day

It is always unique day in my life. If at all if I have got privilege to  experience and cherish some one other than sadhguru means, that’s viji akka. Yes still she is viji akka only for me.

my meeting with her started on 2nd aug 1993 , the same day that i first met with sadhguru. It was the very very initial days of isha. I still remember how she is passionately looked at all stones and constructed the house.

Every time she comes from Coimbatore , she will bring some cadbary chocolates, which she only has to give to every one. She never trust anyone in this regard.

She knows what each and every one of us likes. She the one who taught me how to do besibelabath.

When I come back from the vaithegi falls trek in half way , during the Indian hockey team attended program in 1996, due to help and organize in kitchen, she took me to home and gave hot hot dosa’s to me and rajshekar.

I know her fond of love to somu anna (swami gurubhiksha)

I remember how she supported me to get the 22 lit cooker for the kitchen, which we (sadhguru , me and her) discussed lot ,to get sponsor for rs 6000 (we thought). But when swami nirvichara told it is rs.2500 (actually we suspected he misguiding us in cost) But it is she organized the donation to purchase.

After that she went for karma yatra. During teachers training in jan 1997, when she came to know that I did not inform her about the new arrival , she just as sister , with fond of love commented and scolded.

I know how she fought with love with sadhguru , just because he supported me to get TVS 50 instead of scooty.

I know how she defended and supported us in 7 stones game against sadhguru’s team.

It was my first trip in the thanneerpandal road in midnight to outside of ashram in tvs 50 only on the day she left.

I have been fortunate to travel with her to guptakashi for the first time to Himalayas in 1996

I have been fortunate to take a picture with her and sadhguru , among few , behind Kedarnath temple , at the memorial of Adisankaracharya.

For me , till now I never felt she is not with me or us .

For me she always sitting with sadhguru in the varanda of her house and talking to me , that’s the picture in my eyes.

For me always her voice ringing in my ears if I thought about the house or those periods or whenever 3rd june comes

Its in 2001, when I was in dhyanalinga seva (for 15 days), just exactly on 3rd june, one Bangalore women with family came at 6.45 am in the morning. From her hairstyle , colour of saree, every of her action and speech etc etc all reflected and reminded her.

I was filled with emotion as if she herself came to see the completion of her dream and work. Meena (then volunteer) and swami nirvichara are other two persons I could reach at that time to show her (because of they came for the temple at that time)

It is at her Samadhi , I started singing first after we did at shrine. It is at her feet sounds of isha bloomed in the presence of him.

The tribute by muthaiah anna , in the album dhayanalinga, oru malaria ingu malarndhai song is perfectly fit. Swarnalatha beautifully given the voice for the song.

At last , I don’t know what sadhana I did or doing in this life. But she blessed me first with her curd rice , during the pournami meditation process for dhayanalinga , (which was photographed by Rajshekar) which followed by him with a comment , hey seetha , show ur hand properly he is going to take photograph (he also choosed me to give food- I was too hungry on that day ).the other person she blessed the prasadham is her favourite somu anna (Swami gurubhiksha)

These memories and those prasadham will take care of me , beyond my life and death.

I want to put the picture of she is sitting next to sadhguru in the front varandha at her house, while talking to me , because that is there in my eyes but I don’t have drawing skills so I am putting her Samadhi picture.
I came by and for him. But it’s she only maked me.

Sadhguru is precious. No wonder. Me not even worth to utter the sacred name of him.

But she ……………………….  My eyelids only can say about her. If u have capacity to see me beyond my words and expressions, it will reflect in your eyes too.

If at all in this world if I can’t say thank you or express my gratitude its my viji akka. But I have only those things akka.

I don’t know whether I will get one more moment to express me or not, though I know it won’t express what I had in my life. But still as an effort I will try.

its your day viji akka , but i too have a part in it , to cherish and have in memory as long as "I" exists

nomatter where you are , this day have you , and i have this day one more time in my life. so Happy birth day to you

Thank you to enrich me . 


  1. Wonderful Swami...Pranams

  2. Reading the article we feel that we are in Viji akka"s presence.Howwonder ful it would have been for you, who experienced her affection.Pranams,swami.T.P.Meena

  3. You people are so fortunate to have experienced the feminine expression of complete love, which we have seen and felt only with Sadhguru. Just longing how lucky you were to get an opportunity to be with those holy couple...Cant imagine...But I definitely know It would have been so heart-warming (for lack of words) to receive the love of a person who left her body and dissolved herself just with the power of that unconditional, infinite and of course, INTENSE LOVE!!!

  4. It would have been fantastic to have been imm immersed in the intense love of Vijiakka&Sadhguru.

  5. It would have been fantastic to have been imm immersed in the intense love of Vijiakka&Sadhguru.

  6. It would have been fantastic to have been immersed in the intense love of Viji akka&sadhguru

  7. Will anybody send me the song ORU MALARAI song... I'm searching 4 a long time. I heard during my 3rd std. , from there I love that song even without knowing the meaning..... Now I'm 19.. still I can remember the lyrics... pls help me to get the link of the song....

  8. Pranam .We are also blessed reading your experiences of love you were bestowed upon by Vijji Akka and Sadhguru.