Monday, 14 March 2011

oh! my dear anandha

i met or he met i dont know but we met each other in 2001 or 2002 at isha yoga centre. He is so genious and in saffron cloths. so silent and spending many years with violin . As his violin speaks seven notes he also spoke but if only asked by any one by words else by silence and smile. ofcourse he enriched my life with music too. and the light that he ignitiated into musical lamp still burning i hope may be atleast next life time , if it is there, i can sing or play some intrusment .
again after the life wave separated us again we met but this time both of us is not as we are. i moved into saffron cloths and he moved from saffron cloths.
now again he moved and connected with internet . one thing is for sure . i have not lost his connection since v met no matter where he is or where i am. it is so subtle and silent as underneath of the ocean only i and he can feel that .
today i read his blog , ( i renounced sanyas? i am sure , he is talking about it for the first time.
as adisankara says in nirvana shatkam
me is neither this nor that
but who am i?
if i find the answer , definitely his journey and presence also can be felt into that
because it is my gratitude and love for him
oh! my dear anandha
i am also walk with u in your journey somewhere in this planet
swami sushantha

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