Friday, 25 March 2011

which one should i get?

few days ago, i happened to travel in train for some work. while i speak to the organisig person , they asked who else is coming with me ? i just joked as , nearly 1000 people in the train. then they said , no not that, dont joke , we asking who else is coming with u. ofcourse the conversation keep going on but it triggered the question in my mind and the way we use our words and get lost in those words. similarly people used to say " living alone"  this also , in my point of view, when i feel as i now, or due to my 17 years or more being like this i feel .... when i live with so many people around me ......
just thoughts make me to feel the contradictions of life
but it makes the world and life more beauty
one who understands the contractions may become silent within himself or he can confuse and complain
that's all the choice
let me get the first one by his grace

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