Saturday, 12 March 2011

one of the graceful day in my life

for the past one and half months - y from nov 2010 - some how i am not able to take people to velliangiri yatra as i do due to ubnormal rains followed by unusual situations . though many people told about their hidden support on the back yard to do it , i simply not acknoweged with smile. somewhere in my mind it keep on chatting that i need to be wait till mahashivarathiri festival , mar 3rd 2011
similarly during this period i went to hills only twice one in december and another in viradham yatra which is in jan 2011. after that even i tried somehow by manyways i was reminded not to come there .
and atlast after mahashivarthiri today the first yatra , v r going early morning of tomorrow (sunday 3 am) . when i go for yatra orientation session, the hall is full with 45 + people and the session went very well
a thought popped with in mind someway yatra is crossing the dry area period and moving to wonderful period with the grace of the master. i felt so overwhelmed and silent myself
thanks to my beloved guru
and my gratitute to all those who stand with me in this phase of yatra, with u people only it is today possible

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