Saturday, 26 March 2011

Then Kailaya Viradham - viradham initiation

when i started this bhakthi peravai activity all i know is , i need to get involve in promotion activities.  what should i do? how can i gather support for that?  but as slowly as i get involve in , as you walk in the dark forest vision gets adjusted me also ....
though i have treked to velliangiri many times,  in may 2009, i had a trip to this mountains which is significantly important in my life. yes i went this time by having a process and with blessing of my guru.
this time i had kept processed black gingely seeds (black ellu) in my head,  i could say that this trip is the key for the new world that i now travelling. many many things unfolded naturally when it needs, without even me looking to search for it
then without knowing what to do for the volunteers who worked with me , to promote the sacred hills, i thought of  organising  an trek program to velliangiri mountains. i called nearly 45 people and prepared everything to my knowledge of what are all required for the trek. few of  the previlaged people who i have with me, taken the financial burden for that.. But only  23 people turned to that. infact many of the people who turned on that day with me , still walking with me in this long yatra..
That trip was really a turning point  i would say.  (i will talk about it later) but  those who not turned on that day got more interest after they heard the people's talk, who came for the hills. Also lot of enquires started coming about viradham  process. i could not able to say anything since i have not yet clearence to do it nor i dont have any idea of how to do it (at that time).
But atlast oneday tey asked me to do it. I also announced the dates for it. without knowing what i will do, i announced program for 3 days. .the first batch of 21 people gave me an opportunity to see myself that something like this is possible in my life.
Though i have no idea as how to conduct, the grace and blessing of guru simply overpoured on these days, that a person like me can keep people engage for continous 2 and half days. . slowly it starts evolving by itself.  that i am waiting now for the 3rd initiation program in a couple of weeks.
i could say, that these few days, made my life so worthy to myself. suddenly it gave a different meaning altogether. Every moment of these days is a different world by itself though same person, me experiencing.
only these moments , the burst of valcano with in myself, make me to firm and committing myself to reach more and more people.
when i see the people's experience who made yatra to velliangiri with this sacred process, i always pray for shiva, that every one who comes to these mountains has to get this opportunity.
viradham initiation program, oh what can i say about it?
only it is to be expeiience .
before i conclude , i need to acknowledge and express my gratitude and thanks to all the volunteers who made this to happen in my life
oh ! shamboo !!


  1. It was last April (2010) I got initiated into this 48 days viradham. We also happened to be the first batch got initiated into this process from thenkailaya Bhakthi iyakkam. Actually I was going to this hill once in a month even before that. It instilled within me a everlasting longing to come back to this hill ever since I visited for the first time.

    But when Swami talked about this viradham process for the first time on Feb ’10 it created a huge interest in me, as he was explaining how one could imbibe the grace of this ever reverberating hill just by following some simple niyamas for one mandala (48 days).

    But all my eagerness dropped when swami told we have to follow a saffron dress code for the whole 48 days. This I thought would not allow me to take up this viradham. As the company in which I was working will not allow this.

    In fact many had this reservation and when we told this to swami, he said none of this niyamas (code of conduct) could be relaxed. Then he explained about the significance of wearing this dress and how this would help preparing the body and mind while managing the external situations.

    As the days passed and the date came close, the eagerness was increasing and finally I decided to ask permission to my HR, I had two options in my mind in case if they don’t allow.. Either to allow me to work from home for those 48 days or to take leave for that whole period... ( since I was very much confident that they will not permit)

    But to my surprise... simply they allowed... no questions nothing...... It’s an 125 year American company. Though many ayyappa devotees were there they use to come in formals only.. iam the only one to go to office in such a fashion .. no doubt abt it...

    What then the next 48 days went in a beautiful way.... very simple practices but it prepared me to a new dimension. I was able to feel that and when the time came for yatra... though the same hills which I have gone several time before.. but this time it was entirely different.... the body was so so light as if going like an air.... stayed their for 2 nights...... temp was so cool... not even a blanket was reqd for me by that time....

    All the time in the hill was so overwhelming.... Once we came down the foot hills it was so much fulfilling....

  2. thank you very much swami. and i request u to post in tamil language too. - jagadeesh