Friday, 11 March 2011

Velliangiri - the abode of shiva

no matter how many times u climbed
still the mind doubts
only because surrender blossoms
and leads to prayerfullness

every step that u counts
also makes u count
the number of bone joints

sometimes when it count too much
u will scream not because of joy
just because of  u moved it to work
from its immobility

first u chat while u walk
then  u keep asking how much more
later u will chant
that makes you get connected
with the silence and stillness

and in the presence of shiva
you will get a glimpse of his world
that kept  you in tears
for no reason

once u come down
mind will chat as no more trips
heart will say all his grace
legs will pull u to his abode

is not just mud and rock
neither the forest nor the mountain
words become freeze and limited
but u become limitless

makes u to live in that moment
realize urself  how a miniscule u r?

it can happen only by his grace
no matter how u r?
and who u r?

oh! shamboo
make me to be in ur lap
all the moment till my last breath
no matter where i am?
and how am i?

swami sushantha

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