Tuesday, 22 March 2011

vazhipokkanai - article written in old forest flower -2001 and bhiksha day

my first article - about our yatra - with his blessing with fellow brahmacharies in the year 2001- with my photo after receiving my first bhiksha from him on the day - 4th aug 2001- at haridwar- happened as Raksha Bandan (a day that significance for special bond and love to your dearest) -swami nisarga written about the bhiksha process experience - here in this page only mine is there
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  1. சுவாமி, கூகிள் (www.google.com/ime/transliteration/ ) மூலம் தமிழ் டைப் செய்யுங்கள் . மிகவும் எளிமை, நல்ல அனுபவமும் கூட.

  2. மேலும் தமிழில் எழுதுவது நன்றாக reach ஆகும்.
    உதவிக்கு என்னை அழைக்கவும்

  3. I have a copy of this forest flower at my home in trichy !!!!

    I got it before i met u... :-)